Putting Together a Unique Australian Christmas Hamper


If you’re looking for a really special gift to give this year, maybe the solution is to put one together yourself! Hampers are a classic gift that really capture the spirit of Christmas as we have come to know it – that is, eating, drinking, and being merry! Let us share a few themed hamper ideas that might be just the way to spoil that special person. We’ve listed everything you might want to include, with tips on packaging and presentation.

A Cheese Hamper

Who doesn’t love cheese! And if you’re lucky, you might even get to share. Serve everything up on a platter such as our Multi-Purpose Myrtle Serving Platter, or to simply arrange everything on the cheese board. Wrap it in clear cellophane to make sure nothing falls out of place.

Multi-Purpose Myrtle Serving PlatterMulti-Purpose Myrtle Serving Platter

  • Cheese! In Australia, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to artisan cheeses. Many supermarkets now stock gourmet cheeses from Meredith Dairy, Ashgrove, South Cape, King Island, and more. Just remember to keep them refrigerated until you need them.
  • Choose a cracker with a mild flavour to make sure the crackers don’t end up outshining the cheese! Water crackers or wafer crackers are always a safe bet.
  • Cheese Knife and Rest. Our Huon Pine Cheese Knife comes with a Cheese Rest and cute decorative mouse. Put it in pride of place at the top of the hamper! Our She-Oak Cheese Knife is also popular.

Huon Pine Cheese Knife & Cheese Rest with MouseShe-Oak Cheese Knife

  • Cheese Board. You’re spoilt for choice here, and it just comes down to what you think the recipient of your gift will love the most. Take a look at our standalone Huon Pine and Teardrop cheese boards, or consider the Sheoak or Tubb cheese boards that come either alone or in a package with a knife.

Round Huon Pine Cheese BoardTeardrop Cheese Board

Sheoak Cheese Board & Knife SetTubb Cheeseboard

  • Pâté and Knife

While certainly not a necessity, pâté complements cheese perfectly. If you do choose to include it, our Red Hardwood Pâté Spreader and She-Oak Pâté Knife are essential accompaniments.

Red Hardwood Pâté SpreaderShe-Oak Pâté Knife

A Wine Hamper

Wine is a classic gift choice, but when you turn this basic idea into a hamper, it becomes something really special. An arrangement of wine and accessories would look great in a gift box lined with shredded paper – it sounds simple, but it can look really effective.

  • Wine! Buy two or three bottles based on the preference of the person you’re buying for. You could even ask them directly what their favourites are without giving away the game – they might expect wine, but when you turn up with a whole hamper they’ll be blown away!
  • Bottle Stoppers. Our Classic or Spiral Jarrah Bottle Stoppers are a stylish way to seal the bottle – if there’s any left at the end of the day, that is!

Classic Wine Bottle StoppersSpiral Jarrah Bottle Stopper

  • Curved Redgum Wine Bottle Balancer. This is a stunning display piece that any wine lover will treasure.

Curved Redgum Wine Bottle BalancerCurved Redgum Wine Bottle Balancer

  • Wine Bottle Coaster. Available in Huon Pine or Tasmanian Myrtle, this is a practical yet attractive way to save the furniture from red wine stains!

Wine Bottle Coaster, Huon Pine or Tasmanian MyrtleWine Bottle Coaster, Huon Pine or Tasmanian Myrtle

A Kitchen/Food Hamper

The perfect gift for someone who has recently moved out of home or whose kitchen could do with a bit of an upgrade, this hamper will leave its recipient ready to cook up a storm! For real impact, present them in one of our stunning Salad Bowls.

Gift Bundle: The All Rounder Kitchen Utensil SetGift Bundle: The Basic Kitchen Utensil SetGift Bundle: The Comprehensive Kitchen Utensil Set

Red Hardwood Kitchen TongsRed Hardwood Kitchen SpoonRed Hardwood Egg Flip

Red Hardwood Wok StrirrerRed Hardwood Shovall (Left or Right Handed)Red Hardwood Shaped Stirrer

Red Hardwood SpurtleRed Hardwood Rice SpoonRed Hardwood Pâté Spreader

  • Blackwood Pepper Mill and Salt Pot. Available individually or as a gift bundle, these make a handsome pair on the table.

Orb Salt & Pepper Mills StandardGift Bundle: Blackwood Pepper Mill & Salt Pot

  • Salad Servers. Available in Red Hardwood and She-Oak, these will be the perfect inclusion if you decide to present your hamper in a Salad Bowl.

Red Hardwood Salad ServersSheoak Salad Servers

  • Gourmet Cooking Oils, Herbs, Spices, and Sauces. Raid your supermarket and find some things they’ve never tried before!

A Candle Hamper

Candles are such a beautiful way to create ambience in a home, and with our range of accessories you can put together a hamper that will stimulate the senses! A rustic basket is the perfect way to present this hamper, and to make it really special, tuck some Australian gum leaves and flowers around the edges.

  • Most homewares stores stock a range of beautiful scented candles. Look for soy or beeswax candles as the most environmentally friendly option.
  • Tea Light Candles. A staple for anyone who uses candles in the home, tea lights are compact, have a short burn time, and look gorgeous in tea light holders or oil burners.
  • Tea Light Candle Holders. Available in Banksia Nut or Jarrah, these cast an enchanting glow, painting the room in a dappled light.

Banksia Nut Tea Lite Candle HolderJarrah Tea Light Candle Holder

  • Banksia Scent Pot and Fragrant Oil. This is a great way to make sure the home continues to smell great, day in day out, even when you’re not around to light candles.

Banksia Scent Pot and Fragrant OilBanksia Scent Pot and Fragrant Oil

Haven’t found anything that inspires you? Take a look at some of our other Christmas ideas in our guide to ‘An Australian Gift to Suit Everyone on Your Christmas List’.

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