Jarrah Ballpoint Pen - Jarrah
Hand turned from West Australian Jarrah and finished with a durable hard-wearing lacquer, this pen displays the rich tones and markings of this wood, set off by simple gold fittings. The pen insert is a standard size, with refills being...
Jarrah 40 Year Calendar & Paperweight - Jarrah
Wouldn't it be handy to know what day (for instance) the 24th of June would be when you are booking air tickets - to take advantage of cheaper prices and also tie in with your work/holiday times? Or organise a...
Ancient Australian Redgum Bird
These Ancient Redgum Birds, actually Wrens, are crafted from fossilised Redgums which are over 5,000 years old. Ancient Redgums were buried in the mud as the Murray river changed course at the end of the last Ice Age. Over thousands...
from $84.00
Classic Wine Bottle Stoppers - She Oak
from $27.00
Classic Wine Bottle Stoppers - She Oak
These hand-turned bottle stoppers with their clean, classic shapes provide an elegant method of sealing that unfinished bottle of wine, port, liqueur or even oil or balsamic. They are made from stainless steel with rubber seals that are airtight and...
from $27.00
Gum Leaf Cut-Out Pot Stand
Made from sustainable Australian native timbers which may include Jarrah, Blackwood, Myrtle, Tasmanian Oak and Rosewood depending on availability, these pot stands are perfect for placing under a coffee pot, teapot or hot dish to protect your bench or table....
from $29.00
Wine Bottle Coaster
The wine bottle coaster makes an elegant addition to your dining setting while it protects your table or dresser from wine spills and condensation. Available in either Tasmanian Myrtle, Blackwood or Huon Pine the hand-turned bottle coaster has the round,...
Sold Out
Gum Bark Coasters - Tasmanian Oak
Nicely packaged with 6 coasters to a box, these 'gum bark' coasters' are both colourful and earthy, rustic and refined. The images are taken from photos of many different varieties of gum-tree bark with all their variations in colour and...
Australian Animal Coasters - Mixed Timbers
These laser-cut Australian Animal Coasters are available in both dark timbers which could be Jarrah, Rosewood, Blackwood or Myrtle and light timbers, which could be Tasmanian Oak or Silky Oak, depending upon availability. A set of 6 coasters has one...
Gift Bundle: The Basic Kitchen Utensil Set
The Basic Kitchen Utensil Set includes: A set of Short tongs Red Hardwood Kitchen Spoon A Shovall A Shaped Stirrer This bundle contains the basics that every kitchen needs, all made from durable Australian red hardwood, they will last down...
$69.00 $60.00
Box of Australian Animal Decorations - Tasmanian Oak
Weighing in at only 50 grams and measuring 9cm x 9cm x 3cm this box of Australian animal decorations is pop-in-a-bag easy to post and unbreakable and as cute as! Made from a variety of contrasting native timbers, each box...
Sewing-needle Case, Native Timbers - Mixed Timbers
For the craft person, dressmaker and general home mending, these needle cases are a neat and attractive way to store your needle collection - simply shake them out and pick the one you want. If you have ever tried extracting...
Gift Bundle: The All-Rounder Kitchen Utensil Set
The All-Rounder Kitchen Utensil Set includes: A set of Long Tongs Red Hardwood Kitchen Spoon An Egg-flip A Shovall A Shaped Stirrer A Patè Spreader This bundle of utensils will cover most kitchen needs. They are all made from durable...
$100.00 $87.00
Sold Out
Mt Blanc-Style Ballpoint Pen - She Oak
Mt Blanc-Style Ballpoint Pen - She Oak
With a simple twist mechanism that will not wear out these pens are made in the style of the European classic Mt Blanc pen. A refined elegance describes the smooth streamlined shape of this pen which will grace any desk...
No Worries Double Strand Keyrings
The important thing here is that no two keyrings are the same or repeatable - they are made from whatever combination of native timbers are at hand, depending on the season, and that makes a pleasing combination of textures, colours...
Sold Out
Mullumbimby Long Multi Purpose Board - Camphor Laurel
This multi-purpose board can be used for serving fruit, cheese, bread and many other foods, or as a general cutting board. It is made from one solid piece of Camphor Laurel whose bacteria-resistant qualities make it perfect for any of...
Swimming Redgum Fish
As a piece of fine woodworking in both design and execution these 'swimming' fish are state of the art, with people commonly gasping and dropping them after picking one up, so lifelike are they in their movement. The whole fish...
from $71.00
Blackwood Carving and All-round Kitchen Board - Blackwood
Blackwood with its characteristic warm tones provides the timber for this robust and generous sized board which doubles as a carving board and, flipped over, as an all-around kitchen, chopping and serving board. At a comfy 4cms thick it can...
Red Ironbark Gumleaf Letter Opener - Red Ironbark
Made from tough-as-nails Red Ironbark harvested from sustainable sources, this letter opener has a good and long-lasting edge that combined with its gum leaf shape make it a terrific Australian souvenir, gift or stocking filler. These need no maintenance and...
Tamar Large Blackwood General Purpose Box - Blackwood
The Tamar large general-purpose box is featured here in Blackwood with the lid in a beautiful piece of fiddleback Blackwood with its characteristic beautiful light play in the grain. The box is lined in a taupe coloured synthetic suede and...
Mushroom Earring Holder - Huon Pine
Mushroom Earring Holder - Huon Pine
What a fantastic idea is this! If you are an earring wearer who likes to change your earrings with your outfits and has a sizeable collection then this is the must-have addition to your dressing table or shelf. Each mushroom...
Lattice Trivet
The lattice trivet or hot-mat is a design that perfectly combines function, design and skill. The offset circles on both sides of the trivet are done on a lathe by hand and with an expert eye earned through thousands of...
Hand Carved Gum Leaf Bookmark/Letter Opener - Mixed Timbers
Each one is an original, hand-carved piece with a unique shape, these essence-of-Australia gum leaf-inspired, dual-purpose bookmark/letter openers are an ideal gift when you want something that says Australia. Made from various and beautiful native timbers, depending on what is...
Sold Out
Roll Top Australian Red Cedar Jewellery Box - Red Cedar
Reminiscent of the bread boxes that were popular in the '40s and '50s this design incorporates beauty and practicality. As the drawer is pulled open the lid rolls back allowing access to both levels. Made from Australian Red Cedar, it...
Ancient Redgum Desk Clock - Ancient Redgum
This cute desk clock is so solid and compact it almost sits on its base with an air of smugness - an "I'm staying right where I am " attitude. Crafted from fossilised Redgums which are over 5,000 years old,...
Sold Out
Round Huon Pine Cheese Board - Huon Pine
Made from salvaged Tasmanian Huon Pine this cheese board is simple elegance with the stainless steel handle continuing the curve of the board, giving a form that is clean and contemporary. The soft buttery colour of the Huon Pine flatters...
Ancient Australian Redgum Willy Wagtail
Made especially for our Ancient Redgum range by woodcarver and sculptor Gary Field, these stylised bird sculptures are inspired by our native Willy Wagtails, little birds with big personalities. Gary has used a combination of new Redgum with Ancient Redgum,...
$155.00 from $78.00
Ancient Redgum Inlaid Letter Opener - Redgum
The Ancient Redgum letter opener, its simple elegant shape reminiscent of a gum leaf has an intricately inlaid handle of contrasting natural Redgum in organic freeform patterns. Crafted from fossilised Redgums which are over 5,000 years old, these Ancient Redgums...
Mini Sydneyscape - Mixed Timbers
The Mini Sydney Landscape, like its larger version Sydneyscape is composed of iconic Sydney images in native timbers, can be moved and rearranged to your own design and preference - move the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Ferry, Sailboat or...
Gift Bundle: The Comprehensive Kitchen Utensil Set
The Comprehensive Kitchen Utensil Set includes: A set of Long tongs A set of Short Tongs Red Hardwood Kitchen Spoon An Egg-flip A Wok Stirrer A Shovall A Shaped Stirrer A Spurtle A Rice Spoon A Patè Spreader This bundle...
$181.00 $161.00
Square Jarrah Desk Clock - Jarrah
Made from West Australian Jarrah these desk clocks are cleverly designed to be readily packed up, making them also the ideal travel clock. They are easy to read, quiet and run on easily replaceable watch batteries. To adjust the time...

While everything on our site is potentially a wonderful gift for someone, there are events and occasions that have a more specific requirement. Weddings and special birthdays perhaps need gifts to be nicely boxed and packaged and if they are to be sent overseas it may be important that they are Australian made and reflect Australia in design and essence. As all our products are 100% certified Australian made we can offer a wide range of unique, high-quality giftware such as our Ancient Australian Redgum collection or our laser cut Coasters, Landscapes, Bookmarks and Trivets all of which feature iconic Australian animals, flowers and landmarks.

The Giftware category is also aimed at catering to all budgets. If you are travelling and need several small gifts that are light and easy to pack then the Bookmarks and Rulers are a great possibility that will not use up all your spending money. If you are travelling and staying with friends and want to thank them with something special then the fabulous swimming Redgum fish may be the way to go; still light and easy to pack and a very unique gift that is sure to be adored and cherished. Do you need a gift for someone starting out in business or newly graduated? Then the elegant, sleek design of the Business Card Holder could be the answer.

In addition to the items in the Giftware category there are many more excellent ideas for presents throughout the site, all Australian made and all hand-made, quality products you'd be proud to give.

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