Aussie Animals Trivet
Made from a variety of sustainable native timbers which include Blackwood, Myrtle, Tasmanian Oak, Ash, and Jarrah depending on availability, these trivets have all your favourite Aussie animals cleverly incorporated into a practical design for protecting your bench or table...
from $42.00
Gum Leaf Cut-Out Pot Stand
Made from sustainable Australian native timbers which may include Jarrah, Blackwood, Myrtle, Tasmanian Oak and Rosewood depending on availability, these pot stands are perfect for placing under a coffee pot, teapot or hot dish to protect your bench or table....
from $42.00
Red Hardwood Kitchen Spoon - Red Hardwood
This classic wooden spoon is made from virtually indestructible Australian Hardwood, either Red Ironbark or RedGum, depending on availability, and both immensely durable and attractive. Wooden utensils have the advantage of being safe to use with non-stick cookware and being...
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Huon Pine Cheese Knife & Cheese Rest with Mouse - Huon Pine
There is no other word for this but cute or maybe adorable! The combination of cheese knife, 'cheese' rest with mouse waiting his turn for the cheese is charming and original and only the hardest hearts would find it too...
Round Huon Pine Cheese Board - Huon Pine
Made from salvaged Tasmanian Huon Pine this cheese board is simple elegance with the stainless steel handle continuing the curve of the board, giving a form that is clean and contemporary. The soft buttery colour of the Huon Pine flatters...
Standard Mixed Timber Photo Frames - Mixed Timbers
The 6" x 4" frame is made from salvaged and recycled timbers; each frame is handcrafted using a variety of timbers which are listed on the back of the frame. The combinations may include Jacaranda, Maple, Silky Oak, Red Cedar,...
Tasmanian Timber Coasters - Myrtle
Tasmanian Timber Coasters - Myrtle
The finish is what it's all about with these elegant Tasmanian Timber Coasters. Made from carefully chosen, finest Blackwood, Sassafras and Myrtle, the coasters have a rounded, stepped edge which gives them a smooth, tactile profile. The choice of timbers...
Australian Magpie Watching
Please note, this Magpie cannot be shipped express overnight; This sculpture is made to order and will take a week to ship. The Magpie with its striking black and white plumage and its immediately recognisable song is found in every...
Laughing Kookaburra - Camphor Laurel
Please note, this Kookaburra cannot be shipped express overnight; This sculpture is made to order and will take a week to ship. The Kookaburra is the truly iconic Australian bird and the subject of many loved Australian verses and rhymes,...
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Mullumbimby Long Multi Purpose Board - Camphor Laurel
This multi-purpose board can be used for serving fruit, cheese, bread and many other foods, or as a general cutting board. It is made from one solid piece of Camphor Laurel whose bacteria-resistant qualities make it perfect for any of...
Orb Pair Dark and Light Salt & Pepper Mills - Blackwood & Huon Pine
The dark and light salt and pepper mills make a foolproof duo on the dining table. Pepper goes in the Blackwood mill and salt in the Huon Pine mill, dark in dark and light in light, so you will never...
Yamba Multi Purpose Double Handle Board - Camphor Laurel
The Yamba double-handled board is made from one solid piece of Camphor Laurel with inset Rosewood handles. It makes a perfect serving board tray or a general-purpose cutting board especially useful for big jobs. Camphor Laurel is naturally bacteria resistant...
Swimming Redgum Fish
As a piece of fine woodworking in both design and execution these 'swimming' fish are state of the art, with people commonly gasping and dropping them after picking one up, so lifelike are they in their movement. The whole fish...
from $105.00
Fine Turned Silky Oak Rice Bowls - Silky Oak
Finely turned from Silky Oak, a native Australian timber that is actually a Grevillea, the largest of its species and found widely on the coast and ranges of NSW and Queensland. The timber has a decorative, lace like grain which reflects light...
Red Hardwood Salad Hands - Red Hardwood
Salad hands are so-called because they replicate a pair of hands in the way that they let you get into a salad and really mix it - getting all the leaves evenly coated with dressing and all those tasty ingredients...
Gourmet Salt Pot - Mixed timbers
Gourmet Salt Pot - Mixed timbers
An attractive and practical alternative to a salt mill, this hand-turned lidded pot with its own tiny scoop is a stylish way to serve gourmet salts. The raw wood interior surface of the pot absorbs moisture and the lid keeps...
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Tubb Cheeseboard - Mixed Timbers
These beautifully made and presented cheese boards are like a lesson in decorative Australian timbers with their lovely combinations of contrasting grains and colours. Some usual combinations will be a selection of Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Qld Maple, Rosewood, River Oak,...
Mixed Timbers Wooden Ruler
A piece of yesteryear from the days when these were seen in every classroom, these classics have been updated and are now available in centimetres or inches. A good straight wooden ruler is still a wonderfully useful item and these...
Sold Out
Australian Outback Landscape - Mixed Timbers
These laser-cut, iconic outback images in native timbers are immediately recognisable animals and landmarks and include, Uluru, Gum-tree with Koala, kangaroo, Frilly-necked Lizard, Wombat, Emu and native grass. The landscape pieces are made from a selection of contrasting timbers which...
Watching Kookaburra
Please note, this Kookaburra cannot be shipped express overnight; This sculpture is made to order and will take a week to ship. The Kookaburra is the truly iconic Australian bird and the subject of many loved Australian verses and rhymes,...
Myrtle Wine Bottle Balancer - Myrtle
Cleverly designed to utilise the forces of gravity and to intrigue the eye, the bottle and the holder are counterbalanced to rest in perfect equilibrium. When put together, the whole is quite stable yet the bottle appears to float in...
Box of Australian Animal Decorations - Tasmanian Oak
Weighing in at only 50 grams and measuring 9cm x 9cm x 3cm this box of Australian animal decorations is pop-in-a-bag easy to post and unbreakable and as cute as! Made from a variety of contrasting native timbers, each box...
Cape Barren Goose Serving Board - Sassafras
This stylish platter, available in either Huon Pine or Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras is inspired by the native Cape Barren Goose, common in the southern parts of Australia since being protected some decades ago. That unmistakable goose head with its beak...
Gum Bark Coasters - Tasmanian Oak
Nicely packaged with 6 coasters to a box, these 'gum bark' coasters' are both colourful and earthy, rustic and refined. The images are taken from photos of many different varieties of gum-tree bark with all their variations in colour and...
String-Pull Self-Winding Wooden Spinning Top - Camphor Laurel
Based on an old fashioned string-pull design, this spinning top is a little beauty and being precision turned and thus perfectly balanced, it will spin for around three minutes depending on your skill and the surface it is spinning on....
Sold Out
Gecko Chessboard
from $895.00
Gecko Chessboard
The "Gecko" Chessboard is an example of marquetry work at its finest as shown in this piece by Max Clerteau who studied with master craftsmen in France and Australia. Marquetry is the art of using contrasting pieces of timber to...
from $895.00
Blackwood Carving and All-round Kitchen Board - Blackwood
Blackwood with its characteristic warm tones provides the timber for this robust and generous sized board which doubles as a carving board and, flipped over, as an all-around kitchen, chopping and serving board. At a comfy 4cms thick it can...
Red Hardwood Long Wooden Tongs - Red Hardwood
These tongs along with the shorter version are one of our all-time best selling items because they are both useful and attractive. Resting among a bowl of salad greens the deep red tones of the wood make a pleasing contrast...
Australian Animal Coasters - Mixed Timbers
These laser-cut Australian Animal Coasters are available in both dark timbers which could be Jarrah, Rosewood, Blackwood or Myrtle and light timbers, which could be Tasmanian Oak or Silky Oak, depending upon availability. A set of 6 coasters has one...
Set of 6 Sheoak Steak Knives - She Oak
Is there anything worse than being presented with a luscious steak and a hopelessly inadequate knife for cutting it? These steak knives, like their associates the Sheoak Cheese Knife and Sheoak Pate Knife, feature an ergonomically shaped handle that makes...

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