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At Australian Woodwork we like to think that our homewares are both decorative and useful and that they are as much for the person as the home. As for all of our products, our Homewares range is made from sustainably sourced timber and each piece is unique because no two pieces of timber are ever the same, rather like people. So, though a Blackwood drinks tray can be ordered many times no two trays will be identical and this is true for trays, vases, frames or candles, each piece carrying its own individual colours, textures and grain.
Banksia nut Tea-Light candle holders are a fascinating case in point with each banksia having its own pattern of seed holes in the pod which when turned and polished give the wonderful patterns we see illuminated from within and which look so pretty dappling the table cloth or mantlepiece.
Our range of native mixed timber frames and hinged frames combine the warmth of timber and simple classic design, adaptable to any decor, at home on a modern dresser or a colonial cedar chest of drawers, a computer desk or retro entertainment unit.
The hardwood burl vases, like the burl bowls, capture the feel of the Australian outback with their rugged shapes and desert colours but also do the job of holding a bunch of daisies very well. Their great advantage is that they look beautiful as objects in themselves when not in use so there is no need to put them away in a cupboard - leave them out to be admired.
Mirrors and bookends are even more individual and are items that can make a room warm, inviting, comfortable and homey. A few touches of warm timber in any room can make a huge difference to its feel as timber is gentle to the eye and soft to the touch.