Swimming Redgum Fish

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As a piece of fine woodworking in both design and execution these 'swimming' fish are state of the art, with people commonly gasping and dropping them after picking one up, so lifelike are they in their movement. The whole fish is carved from Redgum, then segmented and fixed piece by piece to sail canvas (virtually indestructible) enabling the body of the fish to move in exactly the manner of a swimming fish. They are beautiful objects on their own and invite you to pick them up and play with them which is when they really perform.

They are available in a small, medium and large size, with the two larger sizes being the better swimmers. The baby is still learning but is doing pretty well and looks great next to the other two.


Small: Height 4.5cm x Width 3cm x Length 16cm
Medium: Height 6cm x Width 3.5cm x Length 21cm
Large: Height 7.5cm x Width 4cm x Length 25cm
Small: 0.075kg   Medium: 0.12kg   Large: 0.2kg

*Note: These wooden redgum fish are handcrafted, and as every piece of wood is unique no two wood fishes are exactly the same; the above dimensions and weight are approximate measurements only. For more information please see our Australian handmade quality guarantee.

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