Looking after your woodwork; a care and maintenance guide

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Wood Care Products

Care and maintenance

Nearly all of our products fall into two main categories - oiled finish or waterproof finish which are explained in this blog. If a product requires specific care, such as food-related goods, it will be provided in printed form with the item.

At the Australian Woodwork online store, most of our products are finished in one of two ways. They either have a natural oil finish, plain or burnished, or a waterproof finish which could be water-based or polyurethane.

Australian Woodwork products

Natural oil finishes are mostly found in food-related products such as kitchen boards, utensils, salad bowls, and cheese boards. Because these products have to be washed after use they periodically need a little care to prevent drying out.

These products should be washed gently, often just warm water is sufficient, or else a quick wash with warm water and detergent for very oily items. If the item is used often or looking dry we recommend oiling with our own wood butter, a food-safe blend of beeswax and mineral oil. However, any refined vegetable oil is suitable, and we say refined because virgin olive oil or avocado oil is not highly refined (which makes them yummy) and too thick, attracting mould in some climates.Assorted Australian Woodwork Products

Burnished oil finishes are found in items that tend to be handled a lot but that don't need washing such as salt and pepper mills, utensil holders, letter openers, vases, bookends, rice bowls, photo frames, our Ancient Redgum range, our Banksia range, and walking sticks. These items only need a wipe with a slightly damp cloth and perhaps an occasional gloss of good quality furniture oil.

Assorted Australian Woodwork Products

Waterproof finishes are found on all of our boxes and they are either water-based or Polyurethane, with both finishes requiring only dusting and the occasional wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Other products that have a waterproof finish are our ballpoint pen range, our Aussie animal and wildflower trivets/coasters, and our desk clock range.

Above is a broad outline of how to look after your wooden products but we are always here to advise and help if you have any further questions about ongoing care for your wooden item. Just email us at info@australianwoodwork.com.au and we will endeavour to answer your maintenance and care inquiries in detail.

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    I’d like to buy one of your spurtles, probably a Huon Pine one but want to be able to do some burnt poker work on it. If the stick is oiled, that’s a problem. Do you do any that are pure wood with no finishing oils or coatings?

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