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Good For Everyone

For the planet and all its inhabitants, for Australia’s unique flora and fauna, for our own livelihood and that of the woodworkers who make our products, sustainability is one of the top considerations in our business decision making. If wood can be sourced sustainability then it can provide us and our craftsmen with a dependable future and our customers with eco-friendly products that can be bought with absolute confidence in their green credentials.

Sourcing Timber

We make every effort to ensure that the timber used in our products is sourced from sustainable forestry practices. This basically means that where a tree is removed it is replaced by another which may be planted or naturally grown. Australia has one of the best forest management systems in the world and is one of the most greenhouse friendly sectors of the Australian economy with a great deal of collected data that allows the level of harvest to match the annual level of growth. Of course sustainability is not just about numbers of trees but also about ensuring there is no damage to biodiversity or to other species, plant and animal.

The Woodcraft Industry

Is a very small consumer of timber usage Australia wide - imagine the amounts of timber grown and used for building, flooring and telegraph poles in contrast. Our artisans use only a fraction of the timber logged and through their skill and artistry turn it into high-value end products, unlike the trees turned into wood chip for paper. We hope that our range of hand-made woodcraft, when purchased, will be kept and cherished which brings with it the added bonus that......

You Will be Helping the Environment!

That’s right! You will effectively be storing carbon when you purchase a piece of our Australian woodwork. Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock it up in storage until that wood decays or is burnt. Wood stores carbon for life. For example, a dining chair will store 4 to 6 kgs of carbon while an average salad bowl will store about 1kg. Roughly speaking about 50% of the dried weight of wood is carbon so buying wood, and keeping it, is good.

Did You Know That:

  • About 6% of Australia’s 147 million hectares of native forests are public forests potentially available for timber harvesting. Timber is harvested from about 1% of those each year.
  • Australia’s 1.9 million hectares of timber plantations produce about two-thirds of the timber products consumed by Australians each year.
  • Timber waste is largely recycled for particle board manufacture, animal bedding, mulch and compost.
  • Production and processing of wood is highly energy efficient unlike steel, concrete and plastic production which are big energy consumers.
  • Being exposed to wooden furniture and fittings leads to real and measurable health and well being benefits. It helps lower heart rate and stress levels and encourages greater interaction between people

For further reading on the important and interesting subject of sustainability and wood, here are some links with in depth statistics and information:

[1] https://www.woodsolutions.com.au

[2] https://planetark.org/programs/make-it-wood

[3] https://theultimaterenewable.com.au/

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