Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are you?
Australian Woodwork is run by Sarah Davidson and Greg White. We operate a Gallery in the Hunter Valley. This is our online catalogue & store. For more information please see the About Us page.

Q. What do you mean by Australian Woodwork?
We are 100% Australian based & owned. Our range of products are created by Woodworkers from all around Australia, and created with only native Australian timbers.
Q. Is this sustainable?
Using wood is a carbon sink. Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide and this remains locked up in the wood for the life of the chair or bowl or table. An average bowl stores about 2kg of carbon, a chair about 4kg, and a dining table about 20kg. The more we use wood for our homes and their contents, the more we support the sustainable management of our forests and the planting of trees. Wood is a great choice for minimizing our environmental impact.
Q. How does Shipping & Handling work?
Please see our Delivery Information page.