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We have always liked travelling and exploring this wide brown land of ours, stopping in little towns, sampling the local produce, looking through local galleries, visiting the big regional markets. These wanderings resulted in the delightful discovery of a wide culture of skilled woodworking that existed in Australia which prompted us 16 years ago, to open a stall in Sydney’s Rocks Market with the idea that lots of other people would appreciate it too. We have since gone on to open our flagship Darling Harbour store, now closed after 13 years, our purpose built Hunter Valley Gallery and of course, our online shop

The genesis of our online shop originated with the next generation, our son, who we happily acknowledge dragged us, with only a little screaming and kicking, into the 21st century. But we remain a small family business with all the benefits that implies.

We have an intimate knowledge of our product range and your phone or email inquiries will be personally answered by one of the family team.

We have a broad range of products, all made using traditional techniques but with modern technology, good contemporary design and utilising our wonderful native timbers, among the best in the world.  We make every effort to ensure that the timber used in our products is sourced from sustainable forestry practices and our extended family of craftsmen all want to see our native forests looked after, being like us, admirers of the natural world.

Lastly, we are really proud to fly the Australian Made flag outside our gallery and on our website. All our products are guaranteed made in Australia by Australian artisans. Australian Woodwork is for those who want handmade quality over mass production, Australian made over imported, natural and long lasting over artificial, synthetic  and destined for the tip in one or two year’s time.

Australian Woodwork in essence? Sustainably sourced native timber, quality workmanship and design, Australian made Gifts brought to you with the personal service of a family run business.

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It’s called Ironbark for a Reason

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Highlight on Silver Ash

Highlight on Silver Ash

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The Iconic River Red Gum

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The Woodworkers Favourite, Australian Red cedar

The Woodworkers Favourite, Australian Red cedar

The Australian Red Cedar (Toona ciliata) is a vital rainforest tree found in Southeast Asia and Australia, reaching heights of 40-60 meters. Known for its soft, richly colored timber and cedar-like scent, it...
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Chopping Board Showdown: The Hidden Dangers of Plastic Cutting Boards vs. the Benefits of Wooden Boards

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