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Australian Made LogoAustralian Woodwork has become a certified retail supporter of the 'Australian Made, Australian Grown' campaign and we are flying our colours with pride. The Australian Made logo certification trademark was created by the Australian Government in 1986 to promote Australian made products in local and export markets and in 2002 a public, not for profit company was established with a renamed logo, 'Australian Made, Australian Grown'. Its aim was to establish consumer information and country of origin labelling standards and to raise the domestic and international profile of goods that are produced in Australia. To become a Retail Supporter you must support these goals and derive 50% of sales from Australian made or grown goods ! Well we are very proud to make the claim that ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE AUSTRALIAN MADE so we are way ahead of the pack. After a very thorough application process, supplying proof of our bona fides and making Statutory declarations, we ordered our flag and fly it every day with pride, knowing that the skill of the workmanship, the beauty of the timbers and the quality of design are all of the highest standard and ALL AUSTRALIAN.

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The reasons we wanted to certify our business are twofold: Firstly, if you call yourself 'Australian Woodwork' then you want to be able to back it up with something more than assurances - it is not a simple matter to become certified and it does mean something to have that logo. Secondly, we have become aware that people are finding it increasingly hard to find quality Australian Made products that are not either footwear or kitsch, Australiana souvenirs, and that the readily identifiable logo lets people know immediately that they are looking at the good stuff - good quality, good design, good wood. Customers, when they have needed a special gift for international guests or relatives have been so relieved and thankful to find us that we have almost felt like good Samaritans until the doing of some menial task brings us back down to earth. Over the coming year we will be working with the Australian Made Australian Grown people to support the goals and ethos of the campaign and hope that many of the people out there searching vainly for that Australian made gift will find us as a result.

To all our customers the very best wishes for 2012,

The team at Australian Woodwork

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