Wood if you Could! (Do your bit to combat climate change)


Sustainable TimbersWood is a renewable resource and forests and wood products can be effective mechanisms in slowing the process of climate change. Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock it up in storage until that wood is burnt or decays, so that when you purchase a piece of woodcraft or fine furniture from us, something that will be kept and cherished, you are effectively storing carbon. For example, a dining chair will store about 4kg of carbon while an average salad bowl will store 2kg of carbon.

Australia's forest management is among the best in the world and is one of the most greenhouse friendly sectors of the Australian economy. It is truly renewable because millions of new trees are planted each year and Australia's 1.9 million hectares of timber plantation produce two thirds of the timber products consumed by us each year. Of Australia's 147 million hectares of native forest only 6% is potentially available for harvesting and only 1% of that is actually harvested. 

All of our makers of fine furniture and woodcraft source their new  timber from sources certified by the AFS (Australian Forestry Standard) which lets a woodworker know that his timber has been tracked through the supply chain and is from forests managed to the highest possible standard.  Our designer/ makers of fine furniture also use recycled timber where applicable, turning old wooden bridges into exquisite dining tables. Old recycled timber often has a depth of colour not seen in new timber and is highly prized plus the carbon locked in that timber stays locked in! Our wood turners who specialise in Hardwood Burls for turning bowls mostly do their own careful burl harvesting. This involves cutting the burl off the main trunk of the tree and leaving the tree intact and healthy, continuing its work of absorbing carbon dioxide and storing carbon. The woodcraft industry is responsible for only .03% of the timber used annually in Australia, the bulk being used in construction and building but nonetheless the consensus among our craftsmen is that the use of sustainable and renewable timber is of the utmost importance and finally in their best interests - they do not want to run out and want to continue to produce beautiful and practical wooden homewares, furniture and woodcraft.

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