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Beautiful and environmentally friendly, our range of woodcraft homewares make a beautiful addition to any room. Carefully crafted by some of the top artisans in Australia, they are made from sustainable Australian timbers. They represent an excellent merger of function and beauty in pieces that you will be proud to use and display in your home.

Wooden Kitchenware

Every kitchen can benefit from the beautiful woodcraft products available. Whether you need a cheese tray or are looking for rolling pins, there is something beautiful to add interest and the feel of the Australian Outback to your home. From cutting boards to kitchen tongs and drink coasters, there is no limit to the kitchenware woodcraft you can choose.

Round Huon Pine Cheese Board

Add interest and style to the most basic kitchen items by choosing woodcraft from Australian Woodwork. The Sheok Cheese Board and Knife Set features a shaped board with a hole for easy handling. The knife has an ergonomic handle that will be comfortable when gripped and the entire piece will look elegant gracing the table.

Curved Jarrah Wine Bottle Balancer

Impress your friends the next time you open a bottle of wine with our range of Wineware. Perfectly counterbalanced and designed to put gravity to work, this swirling wine bottle holder will make the wine bottle appear to be floating. The design has a broad base that provides stability while the perfectly tapered point lends intrigue to an item that is a perfect piece of woodcraft and an excellent gift for any wine lover.

Doolbi Hot Snake Trivet

Every table needs a trivet for hot dishes. When you choose the Hot Snake trivet you are choosing one that can actually be separated to create two resting places. Combined, the interlocking snakes create a solid surface. Apart, each one is a pleasing swirl that can be used alone or combined in different patterns.


There are many uses for woodcraft in every room of the home. Choose a drinks tray for enjoying breakfast in bed or pick up tea light candle holders to softly illuminate any space in your home. Bring the Australian landscape to your coffee table with Woodcraft Chimney vases. Designed to be reminiscent of the bush, they will bring back memories of the river gums, bushfires and red earth. They feature jagged, black rims that contrast sharply against the stunning red hues and swirled grain of the Redgum.

Myrtle Burl Drinks Tray

Offer drinks to your guests Myrtle Burl drinks tray. Whether you are serving shrimp appetizers or the finest wine, the selections will be at home on this tray featuring chrome handles and a gorgeous wood grain. Finished with two coatings of lacquer for protection and a beautiful shine, this tray is sure to impress and please.

Hand-carved mirror

Hand-carved mirrors bring the beautiful red cedar wood of Australia into your home. Woodcraft features a leaf design as well as a basic oval that can grace any wall. However, the Red Cedar Freeform mirror may provide the most interest for a room. Following the natural lines of the timber and featuring a mirror-like polish on the wood, this mirror is a one-of-a-kind piece that you are sure to cherish.

Jarrah Tea Light Candle Holder

Wooden Boxes

Additional storage is always handy, and with Woodcraft boxes you can get the extra storage you need for small items. Protect and secure jewelry or choose a single ring box for a better presentation of a gift. Woodcrafts offers a wide range of boxes for your jewels and trinkets.

Flip-Top Ring Box

The flip-top ring box can be used to store a few rings of your own or for giving one as a gift. Crafted from contrasting wood like Queensland Ebony and Purple Gidgee, a Woodcrafts box features a unique look that is elegant and fascinating.

Large Wobble Trinket Box

Choose something truly different with the large Wobble Trinket box. Woodcraft artisans fashion these pieces around the flow of the wood grain, so each one is unique and different. The form flows like water and are sure to be conversation starters. The lids slid off for security and they are the perfect size for storing small pieces that have a special place in your heart.

Deloraine Burl Myrtle Two-Layer Jewellery Box

Wood Bowls

Fine Turned Rosewood Rice Bowls

Bring an amazing natural feel into your home with Woodcrafts bowls. Featuring natural edges that follow the rings of the trees and scooped out centers that are smooth and highly polished, these bowls are pieces of art in and of themselves. The colour and texture varies from one to another. No two bowls will share the same shape and they are all ideal additions to any room in your home.

Turned Round-Edge Redgum Burl Bowl

Alternatively, other woodcrafts also include bowls that are perfectly polished and turned. Still crafted from the center of a tree, they showcase the intricate marking of the tree while maintaining the smooth, round appearance of a traditional bowl.

Medium Natural Edge Red Mallee Wooden Burl Bowl


Enjoy birds of the Australian landscape that will never fly away. These delicately carved Woodcraft animals feature Sandpipers, Magpies, Egrets and Kookaburras. Whether you are a visitor to the country and wish to take home memories of these birds or a permanent resident, Woodcraft birds will look fantastic in your home.

Australian Magpie Singing

The black and white singing Magpie features Camphor Laurel and a graceful shape. His graceful curves are elegant and the smooth finish reveals a lovely shine that will compliment any table or hutch.

Laughing Kookaburra

You can also choose a more whimsical Woodcraft bird with the Laughing Kookaburras. A true icon of Australia, this carved bird is crafted from Camphor Laurel and features a whimsical shape that is both realistic and fun. The wood grain shows through on the body for a piece that is highly attractive and a welcome addition to any collection.


Woodcraft products are available for every room in your home. Bring some spark and whimsy to the space while taking pride in the fact that Woodcraft items are environmentally friendly. No two pieces are exactly alike and each one is certain to become a family heirloom that is passed down from one generation to the next.

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