Blackwood Carving and All-round Kitchen Board - Blackwood
Blackwood with its characteristic warm tones provides the timber for this robust and generous sized board which doubles as a carving board and, flipped over, as an all-around kitchen, chopping and serving board. At a comfy 4cms thick it can...
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Mullumbimby Medium Kitchen Board - Camphor Laurel
The Mullumbimby Medium Kitchen Board is a great all-rounder in the kitchen. Made from kiln-dried Camphor Laurel with moisture content taken down to 4%, this board will never warp or twist. Ask any chef, a board that stays flat and...
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Mullumbimby Long Multi Purpose Board - Camphor Laurel
This multi-purpose board can be used for serving fruit, cheese, bread and many other foods, or as a general cutting board. It is made from one solid piece of Camphor Laurel whose bacteria-resistant qualities make it perfect for any of...
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Yamba Multi Purpose Double Handle Board - Camphor Laurel
The Yamba double-handled board is made from one solid piece of Camphor Laurel with inset Rosewood handles. It makes a perfect serving board tray or a general-purpose cutting board especially useful for big jobs. Camphor Laurel is naturally bacteria resistant...

Handmade Wooden Chopping & Cutting Boards

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