Camphor Laurel 30cm Salad Bowl - Camphor Laurel
Camphor Laurel's inherent qualities make it a perfect timber for a salad bowl - fine-grained, water-resistant, naturally anti-bacterial and with attractive colour and figure in the timber, it is widely used as timber for anything kitchen and food-related. The oils...
Australian Mango Wood 30cm Salad Bowl - Mango Wood
The Mango tree was brought to Australia more than 200 years ago and is now considered domesticated here. We think of the Mango tree mostly as a supplier of delicious fruit but Mango wood is a particularly good woodworking timber...
Fine Turned Silky Oak Rice Bowls - Silky Oak
Finely turned from Silky Oak, a native Australian timber that is actually a Grevillea, the largest of its species and found widely on the coast and ranges of NSW and Queensland. The timber has a decorative, lace like grain which reflects light...
Red Mallee Burl Carved Bowl - Red Mallee Burl
Burls (those round lumps on the sides of trees) of this size are increasingly rare, coming as they do from very big old trees. The unique and massive burl from which this bowl was carved came from an old Red...

They weren't always Wooden Bowls! The first bowl was probably a pair of cupped hands for drinking water from a stream and then perhaps a piece of curved wood further hollowed out with a stone hand axe, so bowls it seems, have been with us from our earliest prehistory days, the original vessel, which has evolved with us and taken on many forms and been expressed in many different materials. From wood, pottery, glass, horn, bronze, iron, to plastic and now a multitude of man-made materials, the history of bowls mirrors the history of human civilisation. The bowl is an elemental artifact that is still as useful today as it was to our ancestors and a good bowl is instantly recognisable. When a bowl is 'good' its proportions 'sing' - the rim is right for the thickness of the timber, the diameter is right for the bowl's height and the amount of belly is right for the overall size - it sits on a table and looks 'right'.

There are of course many types of wooden bowls apart from the classic, bellied, salad or fruit bowl. Our range of turned Redgum Burl bowls includes the flattened cone with flat rim shape which is sharp, linear and contemporary and also the various deep bowls where the burl dictated the shape by being too beautiful to waste, resulting in a variety of shapes that the craftsman has come up with to best utilise the markings of the burl whilst still following the golden rules of proportion and overall aesthetics. Our selection of carved Burl bowls is one step further in this 'let the wood dictate the shaping process' where the carver slowly and gently follows the contours and patterns of the Burl to best bring out its particular character. Our elegant, finely turned Rosewood rice bowls are a beautiful interpretation in wood of the classic ceramic rice bowl.

A simple wooden bowl makes a gift that will always be well received, used and loved. Our bowls also have excellent green credentials being crafted from sustainably sourced timber and storing an impressive 3kg of carbon each.

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