What does your Mum love most of all?

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Beautiful frames for family photos are a Mother’s Day winner!

Mixed timber photo frames

Mixed timber photo frames – buy any 2 for a 15% discount!
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hinged photo frames

Check out the fine craftsmanship in these hinged photo frames - 15% off 2 or more
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Or would she love the Zen calm of these T-lights?

Gift bundle t light candle set

$35 each or a gift bundle of 3 for $89!

Is she a nature lover? Are birds and flowers her?

Ancient Redgum bird

These cuties in Ancient Redgum are $125 each or buy the pair for $212!
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This is a small selection from our range of hand-made woodcraft so please browse our website for a multitude of ideas for Mother’s Day 2018.

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We are taking a break!

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We're on Holidays! Gone Fishin'

Since we made the big move to the beautiful Northern Rivers town of Maclean which meant setting up a new workroom and all that goes with relocating -  losing things amidst the confusion, finding them and losing them again, the usual stuff - we have not had a real break from work. So we are going fishing! We are heading to Aotearoa for 10 days where, with the help of people with deep and ancient Maori knowledge of the seas, we hope to catch some fish and relax and enjoy.

We're still taking orders as per normal, but they will not be shipped out until the morning of Monday the 30th of April 2018.

We hope this does not inconvenience our customers too much and we are always available via email if you have any urgent questions during this time. Thanks!

Easter Specials!

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We would like to wish all our customers a happy Easter break and let you know about our Easter offers, specials and new products, enjoy!

Easter Offers

FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL orders placed over the Easter long weekend, Friday 30th March to April 2nd


Our Round Jarrah and Ash Wall Clock is going out at $189 down from $229

Jarrah And Ash Round Wall Clock

Our Orb Blackwood Salt & Pepper Mills, regular size, going out at $139 down from $159

Orb Blackwood Salt & Pepper Mills

And while you’re here check out our NEW PRODUCTS!

Carved Jarrah And Ash Wall Clock

Carved Jarrah And Ash Wall Clock

Redgum Traditional Yoyo

Redgum Yoyo

Jarrah And Ply Pâté Spreader

Jarrah And Ply Pâté Spreader

Huon Pine Toaster Tongs

Huon Pine Toaster Tongs

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Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata) Australia's Favourite Hardwood

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Jarrah Forest

The magnificent Jarrah forests of southwest Western Australia are the home of this Australian hardwood and the only place where this famous Eucalypt grows.

Well known for its versatility, it is seen in bridge and wharf construction, flooring and general building through to fine woodworking where its even texture and decorative qualities make it a favourite for craftsmen, furniture and cabinet makers.

Jarrah range of colours

Jarrah presents itself in an inspiring range of colours from the palest yellow, orange, pink, through every shade of red to almost black.  The grain is generally straight though sometimes it can be wavy giving a ‘fiddleback’ appearance much prized for decorative woodworking as is the occasionally seen, dark-spotted timber.

We have a comprehensive range of products in Jarrah including some of our top 10 best sellers, so popular is this iconic Australian timber. The story of the Jarrah forests and the timber itself is a fascinating one – scroll down to read more!

Jarrah Floor, Table and Chairs

Jarrah Bar

Jarrah is regarded as one of the best all round hardwoods in the world. Growing straight and tall – old trees have been measured at 40 metres high with trunks 3 metres in diameter – it has an even grain, is termite and water resistant and famously durable.  It is so hard that conventional woodworking tools are useless unless it is worked fresh.

Jarrah forest regenerating after fire

Jarrah forest regenerating after fire

Jarrah is adapted to the scourge of the Australian bushfire by reproducing not from seed but from lignotubers; underground swellings that allow it to regenerate after fire. The dense timber turns to charcoal when burnt rather than ash.

Jarrah forest showing understory

Jarrah forest showing understory and fallen habitat trees

The Jarrah forests are a mixture — Jarrah and Marri providing the upper storey and Heath, Banksia, Sheoak and the fabulously named Snottygobble (it got its name from the mucous-like green interior of the fruit; no one seems to know where the ‘gobble’ bit came from, let your imagination go wild here) making up the understory.

Jarrah forest birds, mammals  and reptiles

Jarrah Forest birds, mammals  and reptiles

The Jarrah forests are home to an extraordinary number of birds, mammals  and reptiles – 29 mammals, 150 birds, 45 reptiles and who knows how many insects.  Old growth forests provide roomy hollows in the mature trees and together with fallen logs provide vital habitats for wildlife. This brings us to the very important question of sustainability. Much of the old growth forest has disappeared due to intensive logging last century – as well as its widespread use in Australia, tons of Jarrah was sent to Europe to be used as wooden pavers in streets – which means the remaining old growth forest is protected and several areas are undergoing rehabilitation.  The news on these is promising with several endangered species bouncing back in numbers.

Rehabilitation monitoring as part of sustainable forestry

Rehabilitation monitoring as part of sustainable forestry
We make sure that the Jarrah used by our woodworkers is either recycled, salvage or plantation timber and does not threaten old growth forest or rehabilitation programs. Australian Woodwork is committed to the use of sustainably sourced timber.

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Free Valentines Day Gift Wrapping!

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Save yourself the bother of shopping for hearts and bows and a long stemmed rose; (wait, maybe keep the rose) Let us gift wrap your Valentines Day gift for you, tailored for him or her. Just use this coupon at checkout!

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For Him

Gift Wrap for Him

For Her

Gift Wrap for Her

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