• Delivery Delays

    Delivery Delays
    Let’s start with the PROMISE THIS IS NOT A MARKETING STRATEGY, but a genuine update on expected delivery delays from now until Christmas. Due to Christmas-level parcel volumes - a result of lockdown online shopping - Covid disruptions and industrial action, all delivery services are currently overwhelmed. This includes Australia Post, major freight companies and couriers. What was a 2 to 3 business day...
  • Why Australian Woodwork is going green in 2021 (Because isn’t it time we all did?)

    Why Australian Woodwork is going green in 2021 (Because isn’t it time we all did?)
    2020 was a watershed year for the planet, with the covid-19 pandemic making us question fundamentally how we live. Pollution, climate change, our stretched global supply chains, being dependent on imported goods, all these came to our attention-demanding re-evaluation. As a result, this year we have decided to go all out on making our packaging as close as possible to 100% ecologically sustainable. Everything we...
  • 17 Amazing Gifts for Woodwork Lovers!

    17 Amazing Gifts for Woodwork Lovers!
    Wooden objects have been cherished throughout cultures and generations for thousands of years. Wood has always been at the centre of creating classic gifts. While the calendar has changed over to 2021, we are still coping with COVID-19. As living with this virus is the new normal, we are trying to find ways to communicate with our loved ones.  If you can’t see them...
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