Sassafras, our favourite timber, is going, going, UP!

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Our range of Sassafras products

Australian Woodwork features the best of Australia’s designer/makers working in native timbers, all sustainably sourced and harvested - but ever-popular Sassafras is becoming scarce.

Blackheart Sassafras, from the cool temperate forests of Tasmania, has always been highly prized for its dramatic figuring which occurs randomly and can’t be cultivated, hence its rarity. It’s all due to a fungus which makes its way through the tree leaving behind a trail of dark chocolate through the pale golden timber.

Seven years ago Tasmanian forestry locked up large areas which had been a source of good Sassafras - nothing wrong with that, let’s hear it for the environment - but this led to two things,

  1. Special Blackheart Sassafras became even harder to get, and
  2. Available stocks were bought up in large quantities by speculators who saw, rightly, that these would be a great investment.

Much of this stockpiled Sassafras is exported for high prices that squeeze small-time craftsmen and woodworkers - the woodworkers who make our products, and who use less than 3% of selectively harvested timber like Sassafras and Tiger Myrtle.

For now, our craftsmen have some stocks of Sassafras left but as those remaining stocks run out the price of all our Sassafras items will go up. Our woodworkers predict price rises of around 30% when they are forced to compete with the big guys in the marketplace.

In that time-honoured marketing phrase - Buy now while stocks last! That rare and prized Blackheart Sassafras timber is going, going, UP!

Gifts for the Mum in your Life (Mother's Day 2020)

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You might call her Mum, Mom, Mummy, Mamma, Ompa, Chook, Mumsy, Mushka, Ma and she may be your mother, your step-mother, your stand-in mother, your grandmother or just someone you love who is a Mum and you want her to know how much she means to you on Mother’s Day 2020 – for gift ideas look no further than these wooden beauties, hand-crafted and Australian-made with love.

What’s New in Store

Salad Bowls

Salad Servers

Ancient Redgum Willy Wagtails

Wood Butter - and ideas to go with it

Ever Popular Mother’s Day Gifts

Trinket Boxes in gorgeous native timbers

Trinket Boxes in gorgeous native timbers

Banksia Scent Pot and oil

Banksia Scent Pot and oil

Wildflower Coasters

Wildflower Coasters

Sewing Needle Case

Sewing Needle Case

Ancient Redgum Birds

Ancient Redgum Birds

Australian Red Cedar Roll-top Jewellery Box

Australian Red Cedar Roll-top Jewellery Box

His n Hers Blackwood Jewellery Box

His n Hers Blackwood Jewellery Box

Taree Rosewood Jewellery Box

Taree Rosewood Jewellery Box

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Hot Valentine’s Day Gifts (2020)

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And when we say hot we don’t mean wilting roses and melting chocolates, we mean Valentine’s gift that can stand the heat because this firey summer has been HOT!

Our range of handcrafted wooden gifts are the perfect solution, not only are they indifferent to the temperature but being beautiful and cherished gifts that won’t be thrown away, they actually lock up carbon and act as a carbon sink! Now that’s COOL!

Plus, we’re including free Valentine gift wrapping with gift card

Write your own message or we can do it for you

We will make sure no invoices or pricing are included

Photo of Valentine's Gift Wrapping

Featured products for him, see our latest shipment of Drew Boxes

Photo of Drew Boxes Collection

Featured products for her, our range of curvy trinket boxes

Collection of Curvy Trinket Boxes

More gift ideas for him

Gifts for Him Collection

More gift ideas for her

Gifts for Her Collection

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We're on a break!

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!

We're a small family business and family is very important to us. From today (21st December) 2019 we will still be taking orders on our online shop as per usual however all orders will not be shipped out until January 1st 2020 in the new year.

We're headed to New Zealand where Sarah's two brothers live for a little family reunion Christmas.

If you have any questions please get in touch here.

There’s still time - free express shipping on all orders

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Free Express Shipping on all Orders

If you are a bit behind on your Christmas shopping or worried about your gifts arriving in time then worry no more – from today all orders will be upgraded to express post free of charge! Offer runs up to Friday, December 20th.

  • Orders under $100 – select standard shipping as usual and you will be upgraded to express at no extra charge
  • Orders over $100 will automatically be sent express post free of charge

Cutoff dates for delivery before Christmas (order by 2pm)!

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne - Friday 20th December
Adelaide, Hobart – Thursday 19th December
Perth, Darwin – Wednesday 18th December
​All Regional and remote locations – Monday 16th December

AND due to popular demand, we are extending our free gift wrapping to run alongside, right up to December 20th.

Merry Christmas to all our customers from Australian Woodwork

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