New, lower prices for our Ancient Redgum range!

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Australian Woodwork Ancient Redgum Range

The ‘Australian Ancient Redgum’ name is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Woodwork Pty Ltd and as a result we are able to pass on considerable price decreases to our customers – good news all round!

We will be bringing you a host of exciting new Ancient Redgum products in the months to come – products that will capture the beauty of this 5,000 year old timber, unique to Australia and the history of this ancient continent.

Meanwhile, have a look at these!

Ancient Redgum frame was $269 now $159

Ancient Redgum Inlaid Photo Frame

Ancient Redgum desk clock was $169 now $129

Ancient Redgum Desk clock

Ancient Redgum man size pen was $135 now $125

Ancient Redgum Man Size Pen

Ancient Redgum slimline pen $98 now $89

Ancient Redgum Slimline Pen

Ancient Redgum letter opener was $169 now $98

Ancient Redgum Inlaid Letter Opener

Ancient Redgum birds were $139 now $125

Ancient Australian Redgum Bird 

A special gift for Mum ❤️

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On this Mother’s day, treat your Mum to a gift in natural warm wood that she will love.

Shop now to make sure your gifts arrive by May 14th

Ancient Australian Redgum Bird

Ancient Redgum Desk clock

Ancient Redgum Inlaid Photo Frame

5,000 year old Ancient redgum

Sewing-needle Case

Mushroom Earring Holder

Gift Bundle: Knot Trivet & Matching Coasters

Cute and easy on the pocket

Banksia Scent Pot and Fragrant Oil

Gift Bundle: T-Light Candle Set

Banksia Nut Tea Lite Candle Holder

Candles and scent pots

Turned Blackwood Salad Bowl

Stafford Redgum and Stainless Steel Salad Servers

Fine Turned Rosewood Rice Bowls

Beautiful bowls and servers

Red Cedar Fire Bellows

For something extra special with winter coming

Valentine’s Day gifts for an Australian summer

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Kissing couple

Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts just won’t work in the sizzling summer we are currently having – your roses will shrivel in a day and your chocolates will melt on the way home. But give your sweetheart something from our range of hand crafted woodwork and it will stand up to the heat; made from native Australian timbers it is made for the job – and beautiful!

Just in, the Drew boxes are perfect for him or her but demand is as high as the temperatures so get in early

Drew Blackwood Large BoxDrew Sassafras Large BoxDrew Tiger Myrtle Standard Box

Drew Tiger Myrtle Long Box

Candles say romance

Jarrah Tea Light Candle HolderBoxed Pair of Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle HoldersBanksia Nut Tea Lite Candle Holder

Boxed Pair of Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle Holders

These trinket boxes are unique and cute

Curly Trinket BoxOval Trinket Boxes

Large Wobble Trinket Box

Perfect for his keys/sunnies/wallet/phone

Tamar Compact Blackwood General Purpose BoxTamar Small Blackwood General Purpose Box

Tamar Medium Sassafras General Purpose BoxTamar Medium Tiger Myrtle General Purpose Box

For Mr or Ms chess enthusiast

"Koi" Chess Board SetGecko Chessboard

The chef’s board for the home chef

The Chef's Chopping Board

So there are a few hot ideas for a sizzling Valentine’s Day but check out our online store for more unique and beautiful, Australian-made gifts.

We are celebrating Australian Day

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Australian Made and Owned Logo

We are celebrating Australia Day not with any flag waving or face painting but just some quiet pride that our range of woodwork is guaranteed 100% Australian made – by local craftsmen, from our superb native timbers, sustainably sourced of course.

3 Australian Woodworkers talkingAustralian woodworker using a machine

Photo of Chris RobbinsPhoto of Michael

And you are helping us

With the help of you, our customers, we sustain dozens of little one-man workshops who hopefully pass on their traditional skills of woodturning, carving, cabinetry and marquetry just to name a few, to a new generation. We think you would agree that supporting these craftsmen is a fine thing in itself quite apart from the beautiful hand-crafted objects that make such wonderful gifts for yourself or others.

Australian woodworker carvingPhoto of Trevor Short on Lathe

So a happy Australia Day to all our customers past present and future; we and our woodworkers from all over Australia thank you, we couldn’t continue without you.

David, eco factory foreman


What to do with a loved-one’s ashes?

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Photo of Daisies

A personal choice

What people decide to do with the ashes of a loved one is a very personal thing and thankfully, often clear instructions have been left, but if not, you might choose to scatter them, bury them under a tree or in a favourite spot, keep them at a crematorium where family can visit and pay respects or divide them up among the family to either keep or do any of the above with.

Lighting a Red Candle

Grieving should not be rushed

Perhaps though, you haven’t decided what you want to do with the ashes and meanwhile you want them near you while you think about it and get used to the idea of that person no longer being part of your everyday life.  Often people want the ashes in a spot they walk past many times a day with the comforting sight of an ashes container helping them feel that a loved one hasn’t just disappeared like that!

Cremation Ashes Box Tiger Myrtle

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You may want to keep talking to them

This is well known behaviour especially among long time partners who want to continue to talk to the person with whom they have shared their innermost thoughts and feelings over a lifetime, two famous examples being Jack Halford in ‘New Tricks’ who talked to his dead wife Mary, with musings about his current case and Maggie Beare in ‘Mother and Son’ who talked to the rose bush under which her dead husband Leo’s ashes were buried.

Cremation Ashes Box Tiger Myrtle

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Waiting to be Together

Often the ashes of a loved one are kept in the family until they can be mingled and put together with those of a life partner and it’s important that they are kept safe and secure until that time. So, whether you are undecided what to do, or just want to keep your loved one close or are maybe waiting for a future ceremony, our hand-crafted wooden ashes box will fulfill your needs.

Cremation Ashes Box Tiger MyrtleOpening Cremation Ashes BoxOpen Cremation Ashes Box

Designed for safety and elegance in beautiful native timbers

The Australian Woodwork cremation ashes box has been thoughtfully designed with both secure storage and beauty of form in mind. The safety of your loved one’s ashes is ensured by the screw on, screw off base – this means no lids, accidents or resulting spills. The graceful, simple form of the box with its curved base panels lets the warm, natural glow of wood  be the main feature. In warm wood rather than cold metal, elegant rather than flashy, this box makes a lovely home for those very important contents.

Cremation Ashes Box Sassafras

Cremation Ashes Box Sassafras View Product button

Cremation Ashes Box Sassafras

Cremation Ashes Box Sassafras