Why Australian Woodwork is going green in 2021 (Because isn’t it time we all did?)

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Tall Grass

2020 was a watershed year for the planet, with the covid-19 pandemic making us question fundamentally how we live. Pollution, climate change, our stretched global supply chains, being dependent on imported goods, all these came to our attention-demanding re-evaluation. As a result, this year we have decided to go all out on making our packaging as close as possible to 100% ecologically sustainable. Everything we use will be made from recycled material and will be biodegradable or recyclable or both, plus all our packaging with a few exceptions will be Australian made.

Hemp cord and Raffia ties

Being green can be complicated

As Kermit the frog famously said, being green isn’t easy! - all the different categories and terms floating about are confusing so here is a summary of what they all mean. 

Made from recycled materials means just that - your new unused package has been made from recycled materials, usually plastic or cardboard which would otherwise have gone into landfill. 

Recyclable means that the item can be recycled for further use such as above and can be dropped into your recycling bin. 

Bio-degradable means that the box or packaging can be broken down by microorganisms that naturally occur in the soil, landfill and compost bins, and turned into organic matter.

What packaging does Australian Woodwork use exactly?

Australia Post

We use Australia Post as our delivery service because, in a huge country like Australia, a continent, in fact, it is the only system that services the entire country. We also use mostly Australia Post packaging (read more here about their ecological milestones) and it is mostly green and ecologically responsible, for example:

Australia Post satchels - Australian made from 80% recycled plastic and conditionally recyclable.

Australia Post boxes - Australian made Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mailing boxes, meaning the materials can be traced back to healthy, sustainably managed forests PLUS they are recyclable or even better, bio-degradable.

Australia Post padded bags - Australian made from 80% recycled plastic and conditionally recyclable.

Green bubble wrap - Australian made and tinted green for easy identification, this bubble wrap is recyclable in your recycle bin AND fully bio-degradable; naturally occurring microorganisms found in soil, landfill, and home compost bins can break down this eco-friendly product and turn it into fertiliser.

Gift boxes - Australian made, our new gift boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and are fully recyclable and even better, bio-degradable.

Tying up the gift box - our only imported packaging products are our natural hemp cord or raffia and we would buy Australian made if we could. However, these products are fully recyclable and bio-degradable.

What we can’t fix at the moment - our current stock of packaging tape is not recyclable but we are planning to replace it with a more eco-friendly product by mid-2021.

Cardboard gift boxes

What else is Australian Woodwork doing to help the environment? We are reusing!

These days we all know that the environment needs our care and respect - we have all seen the photos of seas of plastic and with that in mind, we reuse as much packaging as possible. Our suppliers come from all over this wide land and we receive many boxes and parcels at our warehouse, so reusing the bubble wrap, butchers paper, cardboard and tissue that arrive with our beautiful products is a great step towards reducing landfill where packaging makes up 23% of the content.

And we hope you will too

We hope that our customers will also reuse their packaging; our gift packaging is sturdy enough to be reused a few times, as are our hemp cord and raffia ties. And if your order arrives in a cardboard box it can be used many, many times over.

While most of our major packaging milestones are in place, there will be a period of transitioning from our old stock of gift boxes and ribbon to our new 100% recycled, compostable range which we plan to achieve by mid-2021.

Recyclable and biodegradable packaging

Everything you see here in our storeroom is bio-degradable and made in Australia

17 Amazing Gifts for Woodwork Lovers!

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Wooden objects have been cherished throughout cultures and generations for thousands of years. Wood has always been at the centre of creating classic gifts.

While the calendar has changed over to 2021, we are still coping with COVID-19. As living with this virus is the new normal, we are trying to find ways to communicate with our loved ones.  If you can’t see them in person, you are looking to send them a gift to express your love and affection. And woodwork gifts can bring a smile to any woodwork lover.

Gift Boxes

One of the best things about woodworking is that there is always a new tool that is tempting. Trust me when we say that there is never enough woodworking equipment.

Fortunately, there are many good options to pick from for the best woodworking gift for your friends or family.

From cheap glue bottles or carving knives to expensive new accessories in the store, everyone will find unique woodworking gifts.

Dust Collector

A dust collector is one of the best investments you can make in a repair shop. It is basically a woodworking toolkit. It has nothing to do with whether or not you wear a dust mask and respirator.

Woodworking dust collectors have different price ranges and different manufacturers. Therefore, you must make sure you choose the right equipment for your workplace or workshop.


The calliper is one of all carpenters' best friends. From tiny 6 '' devices to 50 '' monsters, it always seems like we have more than we need. If you are looking for great woodworking gift ideas, look no further.

Marking Knife

Scoring knives are an indispensable tool for carpenters looking to start cutting their grooves/rabbets, tenon, or dovetail. The ability to mark precise cut lines on the workpiece makes the process smoother.

Carving Tool Set

Carving tools are a fun and inexpensive way to start working with wood. All you need is some wood, a few tools, and a sitting position, and you can start carving your wooden spoon or bowl.


Glue bots have become the backbone of most woodworking shops. Their drip-free use and the convenience of applying a small bead of glue make them the perfect gift for carpenters of all skill levels.

Extension Cord Reel

A ceiling-mounted extension cord is one of the most essential things for a carpenter. Once they get it, they will not know life without it! For everyone in a small store like ours, this tool is a lifesaver. When we wind tools (such as dust collectors and brushes), we save ourselves from stretch cables throughout the factory.

Field Notes Memo Book

Field Notes is a classic gift that any carpenter can bring home and in the store. Field Notes are available in many styles, including serifs, graph paper, and even left-handed versions.

Bluetooth Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are a great way to stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, or live stream to your store. You can even integrate tools like dust collectors into your system with smart speakers and say "start dust collector" to turn them on when needed.

Woodworking Square

Woodpecker has produced a fantastic range of woodworking tools, including spacers, strokes, and squares. This wooden grid comes in handy for checking the blade or fence's angle or ensuring straightness when applying glue.


The word trivet is French and means the old "potholder." They are handy in protecting our table against the heat and humidity from hot baking trays, mugs, teapots, and coffee presses.

They are a good gift idea. They are flat and light. They can be mailed or transferred abroad.

Cheese Boards

The handcrafted wooden cheese board and cheese set are made from durable Australian wood.

Well-arranged wooden cardboard with various cheeses and all the accoutrements are sure to impress your guests.

Laurel Camphor, Oak, Huon Pine, and Blackwood are a few types of mixed boards that use a contrasting wood combination.

If you choose cheese boards as a gift, make sure they are made from sustainably sourced wood.

Woodworking Apron

Without carpentry aprons, we would hardly ever spend more time in the store. It keeps my clothes neat and clean, keeps all my pencils in one place, and keeps me in good shape.

Fortunately, waxed canvas aprons are also very inexpensive, making them great gifts for woodworking enthusiasts.

CA Glue Set

CA glue is another type of glue in the store. You can fill the clumps or gaps on wood surfaces with CA glue. CA glue makes a great gift as it has a wide range of uses.

Japanese Pull Saw

The Japanese-style saw swing is better than traditional swings. You can see Japanese pull saws on hardware stores' shelves.

They are easy to use, cut with precision, and tend to peel off the wall faster than with power tools when a quick cut is required. Do not be fooled by the low price. These saws are worth their weight in gold.

Sharpening System

If you have a hand tool, you need to know how to sharpen it. Fortunately, this sharpening system makes razor sharpness almost simple.

Charcoal Pencils

They quickly become anyone's favourite pencil for drawing on dark wood. Walnut wood and the usual pencil lines are always painful, but they work great. It is worth adding a cup of pencils to the pool table.

Palm Router

In recent years, the palm mill has become a very versatile woodworking tool. Compared to their full-size cousins, these routers are easier to handle and more secure to use. We have many routers in our store, so carpenters will never turn down this gift idea.


It is extraordinary to give you this kind of high-quality woodworking gift made by you. The most important fact is the happiness and satisfaction it brings. It is incomparable. So, do these things and enjoy life with your loved ones.

Author Bio:

Tom Bradly

Based on more than 15 years of personal, first-hand experience as a professional handyman and woodworker, Tom has authored over 1,000 articles about how to succeed in the handyman business. Tom teaches all the tricks of the trade that he’s learned, ranging from which tools he prefers to which woodworking plans he has had the most success with. His Woodworking Toolkit blog is regarded as one of the authorities about woodworking tools on the internet.

Free Upgrade to Express Post

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Free Upgrade to Express Post

2020 has been a crazy, challenging year and Australia Post, our carrier of choice, is frankly inundated with online deliveries. If you are worried about your gifts arriving in time then we are here to help – from today all orders will be upgraded to express post free of charge!

Use the code EXPRESSPOSTFREE during checkout

  • Orders under $100 – select standard shipping as usual and you will be upgraded to express at no extra charge
  • Orders over $100 will automatically be sent express post free of charge

Merry Christmas to all our customers from Australian Woodwork!

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Australian made is the best choice this Christmas (2020)

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Australian Made Christmas

Now more than ever, buying Australian made is the smart way to go this Christmas. Supporting local businesses, buying goods that are here in the country and feeling confident that they will be delivered on time are all great reasons.

Free Australian themed Christmas gift card

State border rules and no international flights mean limited family gatherings and a lot of online Christmas shopping! To ease the workload we are giving you a free gift cards that can be personalised with your message or supplied blank for you to write your own.

Gift Card

Let’s Hear it for the green and gold!

We are staying with the Australian made theme for our Christmas gift wrapping

Christmas Gift Wrap

Last lodgement dates

Hmmm, with Australia Post advising delays due to overwhelming volumes this year, we are not tabling separate state and city lodgement dates. Our best suggestion is;

order by December 10th and After December 1st, choose

Express Post

Markie from Express Post

(Our favourite postie, Mark)

Need a gift in a hurry? Check out these handy gift guides

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Sassafras, our favourite timber, is going, going, UP!

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Our range of Sassafras products

Australian Woodwork features the best of Australia’s designer/makers working in native timbers, all sustainably sourced and harvested - but ever-popular Sassafras is becoming scarce.

Blackheart Sassafras, from the cool temperate forests of Tasmania, has always been highly prized for its dramatic figuring which occurs randomly and can’t be cultivated, hence its rarity. It’s all due to a fungus which makes its way through the tree leaving behind a trail of dark chocolate through the pale golden timber.

Seven years ago Tasmanian forestry locked up large areas which had been a source of good Sassafras - nothing wrong with that, let’s hear it for the environment - but this led to two things,

  1. Special Blackheart Sassafras became even harder to get, and
  2. Available stocks were bought up in large quantities by speculators who saw, rightly, that these would be a great investment.

Much of this stockpiled Sassafras is exported for high prices that squeeze small-time craftsmen and woodworkers - the woodworkers who make our products, and who use less than 3% of selectively harvested timber like Sassafras and Tiger Myrtle.

For now, our craftsmen have some stocks of Sassafras left but as those remaining stocks run out the price of all our Sassafras items will go up. Our woodworkers predict price rises of around 30% when they are forced to compete with the big guys in the marketplace.

In that time-honoured marketing phrase - Buy now while stocks last! That rare and prized Blackheart Sassafras timber is going, going, UP!