• We Are Still Open and Still Shipping!

    We Are Still Open and Still Shipping!
    To all our customers and subscribers, if you need a late Christmas present or any occasion gift, we will be shipping daily up until January 10th except for the public holidays. After that, we will not be shipping until February 10th because at last, we have the chance to visit a new grandchild 👶💗 after working right through the last 2 years. We acknowledge...
  • A Made-in-Australia Christmas is the way to go

    A Made-in-Australia Christmas is the way to go
    You have no doubt heard about stressed and stalled global supply lines which is why it is a good idea to shop made-in-Australia for Christmas. All our products are already here, on our shelves and ready to ship to you on the day you order! Not waiting on a dock somewhere in limbo…. Here are just a few suggestions but there are lots more...
  • Delivery Delays

    Delivery Delays
    Let’s start with the PROMISE THIS IS NOT A MARKETING STRATEGY, but a genuine update on expected delivery delays from now until Christmas. Due to Christmas-level parcel volumes - a result of lockdown online shopping - Covid disruptions and industrial action, all delivery services are currently overwhelmed. This includes Australia Post, major freight companies and couriers. What was a 2 to 3 business day...
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