Australian Gifts for Father's Day 2019

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Shop our Father’s Day gift guide for a selection of quality, hand-made gift ideas.

Unusual and useful gifts that won’t break the bank

Myrtle Wine Bottle BalancerClassic Wine Bottle Stoppers

Jarrah Ballpoint PenJarrah 40 Year Calendar & Paperweight

Antipasto & Toaster TongsBanksia-nut Coasters

No Worries All Wood KeyringsStandard Mixed Timber Photo Frames

One-of-a-kind gifts for your one-of-a-kind-dad, if you feel like splurging!

Tamar Large Blackwood General Purpose BoxBonneville Document Box, Beefwood and Silky Oak

Blackwood Carving and All-round Kitchen BoardLarge Orb Huon Pine Pepper Mill

Ancient Redgum Man Size PenHuon Pine Shaving Kit and Stand

Turned Blackwood Salad BowlCarved Jarrah and Ash Wall Clock

The Best Salt for Your Australian Woodwork Salt Grinder

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This is an often asked question from customers who have bought one of our Salt and Pepper Mill sets and who want to keep these hand turned mills functional and working well down the years.

Different types of salts

Our salt mills have an acrylic grinding mechanism

With the exception of our ceramic Chef’s mill, all of our salt mills have an imported, Danish, acrylic grinding mechanism which salt cannot corrode and which is backed by a 10-year guarantee. The acrylic grinding mechanism is softer than the metal one used in the matching pepper mills so some care needs to be taken in choosing the right salt for your grinder.

acrylic grinding mechanism

Any rock salt is a good choice but!

There are trade-offs with the size and type of the rock salt and the longevity of your salt mill! Mined rock salt is harder and has less moisture than evaporated sea-water rock salt and will put slightly more wear on your mill over the years. Large sized crystals will make your millwork harder than medium-sized crystals and how long the mechanism lasts depends on how often you use your mill too. Our advice is to choose the rock salt you prefer because in the end, we guarantee your mill for 10 years!  After that time we will replace the mechanism, should it be necessary, at cost.

Let’s look at a few different salts

Large Himalayan rock crystals

Large Himalayan rock crystals are good in our salt mills. These are mined rock crystals.

Medium size Himalayan rock crystals

Medium size Himalayan rock crystals are the best, perfect size to make your mill last forever. These are also mined rock crystals, just a little smaller.

 Large sized evaporated sea-water rock crystals

Large sized evaporated sea-water rock crystals are a good choice and a little softer than mined rock salt.

Fine sea salt crystals

Fine sea salt crystals are now sold as cooking salt but are good in our mills too. CHOICE magazine says there is no difference in the contents of table salt and cooking salt except for the fineness. They are all basically sodium chloride with possibly an anti-caking agent and/or added iodine.

Sea salt flakes

Sea salt flakes are not suitable for our acrylic grinding mechanisms; they have too much moisture and mash-up in the mill. They are much better served just as you see them here in one of our cute salt pots for the table!

Celtic sea salt or grey salt

Celtic sea salt or grey salt is likewise not suitable for our mills as it has high moisture content and clogs the mechanism – best served as pictured in a salt pot.

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Mother’s Day Gifts From the Heart

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Make this Mother’s day one to remember with a thoughtful, hand-made gift from Australian Woodwork.

Gifts for Mum this mother's day


Must-haves for the home that Mum will love every day.

Photo of gum bark coastersphoto of salad bowl

photo of kitchen bundlephoto of french style rolling pin

Would you like to spoil her with a luxury gift? Why not, she deserves the best.

photo of harris white cedar boxphoto of box cherry lid

photo of general purpose boxphoto of trinket box

photo of poplar lidphoto of salad hands

No-one needs inner peace more than a busy mum – these are calm and relaxation in a box.

photo of scent pot and oilhollow tea lights

pair of banksia hollow tea lightsjarrah tea light candles

Delight the artistic soul in your Mum with creative designs that go beyond the useful.

photo of artworkphoto of redgum birds

photo of sculptured salt and pepper millsphoto of artwork

sculptured sheoak salt and pepper millphoto of wooden letter opener

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Get your hands on one of these!

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Photo of Walking Sticks

Try out the new ergonomic handles on our walking sticks;

Photo of ergonomic handle

We have improved the handles of our walking sticks which are now designed to give a better, more comfortable grip for the user - the full round section of the handle fits the palm and will centre the user’s weight over the shaft – it then tapers to a snug fit under the little finger with the end flange preventing slip.

Available in 3 beautiful native timbers:

She-oak Walking Stick


Blackbean walking Stick


Photo of redgum walking stick


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Everyone loves Boxes!

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Introducing 3 new boxes to our range because it seems everyone just loves a box! For keeping secret things, special things or useful things.

Marcus Accessories Box Poplar LidMarcus Accessories Box Poplar Lid with content

In a departure from our traditionally made wooden boxes, the Marcus range is modern in both design and construction with a style that nods to both Scandinavian and Japanese design.

Harris White Cedar Jewellery Box

The Harris box returns to traditional woodworking techniques but uses highly figured native timbers for flair.

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