Our top 20 best sellers – guaranteed Christmas winners! (2019)

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We decided to take a lead from our customers’ favourite picks of the year to give you a list of our most popular products. Choose from among these top 20 sellers and be confident that friends and family will love them.

1. Ancient Australian Redgum Bird

Ancient Australian Redgum Bird

2. Jarrah Ballpoint Pen

Jarrah Ballpoint Pen

3. Boxed Pair Of Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle Holders

Boxed Pair Of Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle Holders

4. Walking Sticks

Walking Sticks

5. Gum Bark Coasters

Gum Bark Coasters

6. French Style Rolling Pins

French Style Rolling Pins

7. Jarrah Roll-Up Placemats

Jarrah Roll-Up Placemats

8. Hand Carved Gum Leaf Bookmark/Letter Opener

Hand Carved Gum Leaf Bookmark/Letter Opener

9. Mullumbimby Long Multi-Purpose Board

Mullumbimby Long Multi Purpose Board

10. Masters Pair Sassafras Salt & Pepper Mills

Masters Pair Sassafras Salt & Pepper Mills

11. Box Of Australian Animal Decorations

Box Of Australian Animal Decorations

12. Jarrah 40 Year Calendar & Paperweight

Jarrah 40 Year Calendar & Paperweight

13. Classic Wine Bottle Stoppers

Classic Wine Bottle Stoppers

14. Red Hardwood Utensils

Red Hardwood Utensils

15. Aussie Animals Trivet

Aussie Animals Trivet

16. Mt Blanc-Style Ballpoint Pen

Mt Blanc-Style Ballpoint Pen

17. Antipasto & Toaster Tongs

Antipasto & Toaster Tongs

18. Wine Bottle Coaster, Huon Pine Or Tasmanian Myrtle

Wine Bottle Coaster, Huon Pine Or Tasmanian Myrtle

19. Australian Wildflower Coasters

Australian Wildflower Coasters

20. Banksia Scent Pot And Fragrant Oil

Banksia Scent Pot And Fragrant Oil

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Make it an Australian-made Christmas This Year (2019)

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Make it an Australian-made Christmas This Year

This Christmas, give a gift that lasts, made in Australia from local, sustainably sourced timbers, designed and crafted by our country’s best craftsmen. Browse our range for Christmas gift ideas that are unique, well-made and that will last, bringing love and happy thoughts your way.

You may be buying for overseas visitors to Australia, newly made citizens, or simply prefer Australian made to imported and these are just a few of the many good reasons to shop locally and spread some Australian love around this festive season.

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him

There are lots of interesting gift ideas here for the man or men in your life, things that are useful and attractive and that he will want to keep. Whether he’s a foodie, a practical man or a nature lover there’s a gift just right for him here.

Gifts for Her

Gifts for Her

If you are looking for a gift for your best friend, mother, daughter, sister or perhaps a secret Santa then we have every price range and every personal taste covered, from pretty to quirky to practical.

Gifts for the Household

Gifts for Household

If you are looking for a gift that is for the family or household it needs to be something that everyone will use so homeware-type items are the way to go.

Our Most Popular and Best Selling Products

Bestselling Australian-made gifts

Sometimes when you have gift decision overload, it’s helpful to see what other people have been buying. Tried and tested, these are the products our customers have chosen, time and again throughout the year and given their thumbs up to.

Staff Picks – Our personal Favourites

Rustic Long Utility Box In Australian Red Cedar & Huon Pine

Gifts Under $50

Classic Wine Bottle Stoppers

Gifts $50 to $100

Mullumbimby Long Multi Purpose Board

Gifts $100 to $200

Ancient Australian Redgum Bird

Gifts $200 plus

Taree Red Cedar 2-Layer Jewellery Box

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The Perfect Australian Housewarming Gift

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Do you have friends or family moving into new digs? Are you trying to decide on the right housewarming gift that would suit them best? Pass it on to us because we are here with the perfect Australian made gift for their new home and you can trust us to point you in the right direction.

Australian Heartwarming Gifts

Are They Making a Home for the First Time?

If so, you really need to go for the basic stuff. Generally, people tend to overlook such gifts thinking that's too easy and maybe I need to go for something more fancy/glamorous, but if this is a first home then needs come before luxuries. A suggestion would be to go for things like our wooden utensils set, a cheese-board, kitchen board or an elegant and useful set of salt and pepper grinders as these are items we all need and use often. With practical gifts like these you know they will be used every day and as long as they use it, love and happy thoughts come your way!

Australian Woodwork KitchenwareBlackwood Carving And All-Round Kitchen BoardRound Huon Pine Cheese Board

Orb Pair Salt & Pepper Mills LargeBlackwood Gourmet Salt PotMasters Pair Sassafras Salt & Pepper Mills

Or is This Move an Upgrade?

If this is an upgrade the rudimentary stuff is already taken care of so you should look for something differ-ent yet decorative that would add beauty to an empty corner.

We all know fancy items do come with a fat budget. Not willing to spend a hefty amount? Go for some of our lifestyle products that are budget-friendly, elegant and add that touch of warmth that wood brings to any room - our T-light candles in Banksia or Jarrah and our range of wooden photo frames are a perfect fit. If, however, we are talking a luxury gift then a set of rice bowls or a classic wooden bowl for salad or fruit are also winners and if you really want to go all out, something from our one-off gallery section could inspire you.

Boxed Pair Of Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle HoldersJarrah Tea Light Candle HolderBanksia Nut Tea Lite Candle Holder

Standard Mixed Timber Photo FramesHinged Photo Frames

Fine Turned Rosewood Rice BowlsTurned Blackwood Salad Bowl

You Want an Australian Made Gift

For many reasons you may want an Australian-made gift – for recent arrivals from overseas, new citizens or perhaps you are simply a fan of locally made over imports. Whatever your reasons, these gifts all bring an organic, natural warmth to a home and have an individually hand-crafted feel that makes them special, plus they are guaranteed made in Australia from our unique native timbers – hard to go past for the perfect Australian housewarming gift.

Australian Made Logo

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Banksia, the Quintessential Australian Gift

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Australian Woodwork Banksia Gifts

Banksias are unique to Australia

Banksias, those plants with their knobbly, furry seedpods, their fascinating flowers and their amazing story of regeneration by fire are so, so, Australian and are in fact unique to this island continent of ours. With 170 different species, Banksias range from low, ground-hugging shrubs to trees that can reach 30 metres tall such as the Banksia Grandis from Western Australia whose huge seed pods provide the raw material for our range of Australian made Banksia gifts.

Banksia Grandis from Western Australia

From rough and knobbly to polished and beautiful

The rough and gnarly seedpods once turned and polished, come alive to reveal their inner form - infinitely varied patterns and textures which our woodworkers have used to advantage in creating objects both useful and beautiful, from walking sticks to wine stoppers to candles.

Banksia Knob Handle Walking StickBoxed Pair of Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle HoldersClassic Wine Bottle Stoppers


The harvesting of the seedpods is strictly regulated by the Department of Parks and Wildlife Western Australia, can only be done on foot so that the bushland is not damaged in the process, and is limited to a small area of bushland each year, ensuring it and the Banksia will continue to thrive.

Banksia-nut CoastersBanksia Nut Tea Lite Candle HolderBanksia Scent Pot and Fragrant Oil

Overseas friends just love them!

Most Australians are very familiar with Banksias being a common bush or garden plant but international people find them especially fascinating, unusual and delightful; they have simply never seen anything like it and appreciate the organic nature of the seedpods with their intriguing patterns of holes and their furry 'velvet.'

Tony Desk Clock

A truly Australian gift

 All of which makes our range of Banksia gifts perfect for sending or taking overseas; they are sturdy, unbreakable, and lightweight.  Closer to home, they make an excellent  Australian citizen gift or for any occasion or person where the gift has to be not only Australian made but quintessentially Australian.

Australian Made Logo

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Australian Gifts for Father's Day 2019

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Shop our Father’s Day gift guide for a selection of quality, hand-made gift ideas.

Unusual and useful gifts that won’t break the bank

Myrtle Wine Bottle BalancerClassic Wine Bottle Stoppers

Jarrah Ballpoint PenJarrah 40 Year Calendar & Paperweight

Antipasto & Toaster TongsBanksia-nut Coasters

No Worries All Wood KeyringsStandard Mixed Timber Photo Frames

One-of-a-kind gifts for your one-of-a-kind-dad, if you feel like splurging!

Tamar Large Blackwood General Purpose BoxBonneville Document Box, Beefwood and Silky Oak

Blackwood Carving and All-round Kitchen BoardLarge Orb Huon Pine Pepper Mill

Ancient Redgum Man Size PenHuon Pine Shaving Kit and Stand

Turned Blackwood Salad BowlCarved Jarrah and Ash Wall Clock