Huon Pine Shaving Kit and Stand - Huon Pine
from $169.00
Huon Pine Shaving Kit and Stand - Huon Pine
A perfect gift for the clean-shaven man, this luxe shaving kit offers a great shaving experience. The kit comes beautifully packaged and ready for gift wrapping (something we can do for you should you choose) and consists of: Shaving Set...
from $169.00
Jarrah Ballpoint Pen - Jarrah
Hand turned from West Australian Jarrah and finished with a durable hard-wearing lacquer, this pen displays the rich tones and markings of this wood, set off by simple gold fittings. The pen insert is a standard size, with refills being...
Yarrahapinni Trout Landing Net - Mixed Timbers
The Yarrahapinni trout landing net is a fine combination of woodcraft and practicality. Beautifully crafted from native Australian timbers selected for both their attractiveness and water resistance qualities, they are steam bent, glued with marine glue and finished with a...
Banksia Scent Pot and Fragrant Oil - Banksia
The idea behind these charming and so Australian scent pots rests upon the unique qualities of the Banksia Grandis seed pod. The decorative pattern of holes that you see when these pods have been turned on a lathe to remove...
Red Ironbark Gumleaf Letter Opener - Red Ironbark
Made from tough-as-nails Red Ironbark harvested from sustainable sources, this letter opener has a good and long-lasting edge that combined with its gum leaf shape make it a terrific Australian souvenir, gift or stocking filler. These need no maintenance and...
No Worries Single Strand Keyrings
The No Worries Single Strand Keyring is altogether lighter, finer and more pocket friendly than the robust double strander but just as pleasing. The important thing here is that no two keyrings are the same or repeatable - they are...
No Worries Double Strand Keyrings
The important thing here is that no two keyrings are the same or repeatable - they are made from whatever combination of native timbers are at hand, depending on the season, and that makes a pleasing combination of textures, colours...
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Mushroom Earring Holder - Huon Pine
Mushroom Earring Holder - Huon Pine
What a fantastic idea is this! If you are an earring wearer who likes to change your earrings with your outfits and has a sizeable collection then this is the must-have addition to your dressing table or shelf. Each mushroom...
Square Jarrah Desk Clock - Jarrah
Made from West Australian Jarrah these desk clocks are cleverly designed to be readily packed up, making them also the ideal travel clock. They are easy to read, quiet and run on easily replaceable watch batteries. To adjust the time...
Sewing-needle Case, Native Timbers - Mixed Timbers
For the craft person, dressmaker and general home mending, these needle cases are a neat and attractive way to store your needle collection - simply shake them out and pick the one you want. If you have ever tried extracting...
Garden Dibber Celery-top Pine - Celery-top Pine
If you love gardening, growing your own vegetables or are thinking of taking up this increasingly popular pursuit, then the garden dibber is a must-have tool. In Celery-top pine, a Tasmanian speciality timber, the dibber will help you to plant...
Myrtle Wine Bottle Balancer - Myrtle
Cleverly designed to utilise the forces of gravity and to intrigue the eye, the bottle and the holder are counterbalanced to rest in perfect equilibrium. When put together, the whole is quite stable yet the bottle appears to float in...
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Hand Carved Gum Leaf Bookmark/Letter Opener - Mixed Timbers
Each one an original, hand-carved piece with a unique shape, these essence-of-Australia gum leaf-inspired, dual-purpose bookmark/letter openers are an ideal gift when you want something that says Australia. Made from various and beautiful native timbers, depending on what is available...
Banksia Nut Tea Lite Candle Holder - Banksia
Hand turned from the seed pod of the Banksia Grandis tree of Western Australia, this Tea Lite candle holder displays the wonderful texture and patterning achieved when the Banksia Nuts are turned on a lathe and the rough outside removed....
Jarrah Roll-Up Placemats - Jarrah
Backed with sturdy vinyl and with a tough semi-gloss finish, the Jarrah Roll-Up Placemat is easy to clean - just wipe with a damp cloth, and easy to store - flat or rolled depending on your space. The Jarrah slat...
Jarrah Roll-Up Table Mat - Jarrah
Made using a slat construction mounted on a sturdy vinyl base the Jarrah Roll-Up Table Mat is coated with a tough semi-gloss finish that makes cleaning a simple job of wiping over with a damp cloth. The slats of beautiful...

An accessory is a thing that is added to something else to make it more useful or versatile or attractive, but when you hear the word 'accessories' do you mainly think of belts, shoes, scarves and hats? Well we want to broaden the scope of this area by making a few woody suggestions such as an elegant walking stick with a feature handle of rare, figured wood, or a ballpoint pen in polished, rich red Jarrah, or a key ring of pebble-smooth timber and resin beads; all of them carrying the exclusive quality of the hand made object and all with the live, tactile energy that comes from a natural material.

Watch this space as we will be expanding this category with some exciting additions in the near future.

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