Ancient Redgum Desk Clock - Ancient Redgum
This cute desk clock is so solid and compact it almost sits on its base with an air of smugness - an "I'm staying right where I am " attitude. Crafted from fossilised Redgums which are over 5,000 years old,...
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Square Jarrah Desk Clock - Jarrah
Made from West Australian Jarrah these desk clocks are cleverly designed to be readily packed up, making them also the ideal travel clock. They are easy to read, quiet and run on easily replaceable watch batteries. To adjust the time...
Tony Desk Clock - Jarrah
Tony Desk Clock - Jarrah
These solid, chubby little clocks have been hand turned in two beautiful Australian timbers, the iconic Banksia and Jarrah, both from Western Australia, the Banksia Grandis forming the understory of the Jarrah forests. They are easy to read, quiet and...

A little clock that sits on your desk or bedside and doesn’t make a noise, doesn’t need resetting after a power outage and looks cute is the rationale behind our range of desk clocks in beautiful native timbers.

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