Blackwood Carving and All-round Kitchen Board - Blackwood
Blackwood with its characteristic warm tones provides the timber for this robust and generous sized board which doubles as a carving board and, flipped over, as an all-around kitchen, chopping and serving board. At a comfy 4cms thick it can...
Cape Barren Goose Serving Board - Sassafras
This stylish platter, available in either Huon Pine or Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras is inspired by the native Cape Barren Goose, common in the southern parts of Australia since being protected some decades ago. That unmistakable goose head with its beak...
Jarrah Cheese Board & Knife Set - Jarrah
This prettily shaped cheese board with its matching ergonomic handled knife displays the attractive grain and colour of Western Australian Jarrah. When serving cheese and biscuits this set will give your table an elegant point of interest. It is nicely...
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Mullumbimby Medium Kitchen Board - Camphor Laurel
The Mullumbimby Medium Kitchen Board is a great all-rounder in the kitchen. Made from kiln-dried Camphor Laurel with moisture content taken down to 4%, this board will never warp or twist. Ask any chef, a board that stays flat and...
She-Oak Cheese Knife - She Oak
With its ergonomically designed handle, this cheese knife enables a firm grip for cutting even the hardest cheeses. The organic shape of the handle is enhanced by the characteristic patterning of the She-Oak and the blade is Sheffield stainless steel....
Round Huon Pine Cheese Board - Huon Pine
Made from salvaged Tasmanian Huon Pine this cheese board is simple elegance with the stainless steel handle continuing the curve of the board, giving a form that is clean and contemporary. The soft buttery colour of the Huon Pine flatters...
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Gift Bundle: Cheeseboard & Cheese Knife
The Cheese Board and Cheese Knife bundle is a uniquely Australian gift with the Tubb Cheeseboard bearing all the rare timbers used in its making listed on a gold-threaded card, matched up with the ergonomically designed She Oak Cheese knife...
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Huon Pine Cheese Knife & Cheese Rest with Mouse - Huon Pine
There is no other word for this but cute or maybe adorable! The combination of cheese knife, 'cheese' rest with mouse waiting his turn for the cheese is charming and original and only the hardest hearts would find it too...
Blackwood Trout Serving Board
The Trout Serving board in Tasmanian Blackwood is made from one solid piece of timber, fish-shaped and accented with a trout's head and tail in beautifully detailed pewter, whose soft silveriness contrasts so well with the rich hues of the...
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Tubb Cheeseboard - Mixed Timbers
These beautifully made and presented cheese boards are like a lesson in decorative Australian timbers with their lovely combinations of contrasting grains and colours. Some usual combinations will be a selection of Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Qld Maple, Rosewood, River Oak,...

Handmade Wooden Cheese Boards & Cheese Board Sets from sustainably used native Australian timbers.

A well presented wooden cheese board with a great selection of cheeses and all the trimmings is a sure thing to elicit sounds of appreciation and wide eyes of eager anticipation. For the picnic table or dining table, on the deck or in the park, we have a perfect cheeseboard for the occasion, from chunky and rustic to sleek and elegant, all made from Australian native timbers. Just a few on offer are Camphor Laurel, She Oak, Huon Pine, Jarrah and Blackwood, with our mixed timber boards featuring a combination of contrasting woods. If choosing one of our cheeseboards as a gift it is nice to know that they are made from sustainably sourced timber and come with good green credentials.

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