Oval Trinket Boxes - Conkerberry
Oval Trinket Boxes - Conkerberry
Sleek and contained, these perfect ovals are opened by an elegant side swing, the finger notch almost invisible, the whole being a beautiful piece of design and woodcraft. The main body is constructed of fragrant Camphor Laurel, the lid and...
Mullumbimby Long Multi Purpose Board - Camphor Laurel
This multi-purpose board can be used for serving fruit, cheese, bread and many other foods, or as a general cutting board. It is made from one solid piece of Camphor Laurel whose bacteria-resistant qualities make it perfect for any of...
Small Oval Trinket Boxes - Purple Gidgee
Small Oval Trinket Boxes - Purple Gidgee
These little oval trinket boxes are sweet and petite and perfect for presenting that special ring or for keeping your everyday jewellery in one place. They open by means of an elegant side swing, the finger notch almost invisible, the...
String-Pull Self-Winding Wooden Spinning Top - Camphor Laurel
Based on an old-fashioned string-pull design, this spinning top is a little beauty and being precision turned and thus perfectly balanced, it will spin for around three minutes depending on your skill and the surface it is spinning on. It...
Large Mixed Timber Photo Frames - Mixed Timbers
The 8" x 6" frame is made from salvaged and recycled timbers; each frame is handcrafted using a variety of timbers which are listed on the back of the frame. The combinations may include Jacaranda, Maple, Silky Oak, Red Cedar,...
Camphor Laurel 30cm Salad Bowl - Camphor Laurel
Camphor Laurel's inherent qualities make it a perfect timber for a salad bowl - fine-grained, water-resistant, naturally anti-bacterial and with attractive colour and figure in the timber, it is widely used as timber for anything kitchen and food-related. The oils...
Feelgood Wooden Keyrings - Mixed timbers
The Feelgood chunky wooden keyrings are a pleasure to hold and behold with their unique, every-one-is-different designs. The wooden beads come in every shape and size and are finished to meet Australian standards, being 100% recyclable, non-toxic and finished with...
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Fairy Wren Marquetry Artwork
The little Fairy Wren is one of Australia's most beloved birds and if you have a pair hopping around your garden you will understand why. This artwork has been created by Max Clerteau using the techniques of Marquetry, which is...
All of our products made from or incorporating Australian Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum camphora), also known as Camphorwood, or Camphor tree.
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