A Jewellery Box for Your Treasures Large and Small


(Last Updated: Dec 01, 2023) For literally thousands of years, boxes have been used for storing things - from the most mundane to the most treasured, from the purely practical to the symbolic and ceremonial. Boxes intrigue people because they hold hidden things and even in the gallery when people know that the boxes on the shelves are empty, still they must open each one to look inside, an instinctive desire to see what is in there, to know what it contains.

 Man opening a wooden box on the shelf
Jewellery boxes are probably the most sought-after type of box and come in many forms; Jewellery boxes with trays and drawers, simple lined boxes, bandsawn boxes, sculptural boxes, veneered boxes, turned boxes, marquetry boxes, large boxes and small boxes. Jewellery boxes are so many and varied because people require different things from them. Someone may want a tiny, perfect little box for the presenting of a special item such as an engagement ring or anniversary present.
Flip-Top Ring Box

Another may need a simple lined box for a few treasured pieces. For those with larger collections of jewellery the full-on jewellery box with trays and drawers would be the thing. Jewellery boxes can also be collectable items in themselves such as the bandsawn and carved boxes of Alan Williams or the exquisite marquetry boxes of Max Clerteau. Alternatively, a little turned trinket box for the dresser is perfect for keeping everyday jewellery.

Photo of Beautiful Wooden Jewellery Box 1
Photo of Beautiful Wooden Jewellery Box 2
Photo of Beautiful Wooden Jewellery Box 3
Photo of Beautiful Wooden Jewellery Box 4

Our classic, solid Rosewood jewellery box is made with traditional dovetail joints while our veneered boxes use rebate joints or other frame and box joints to make the basic solid wood construction over which the decorative veneers are laid, the overall look being sleek and contemporary. The timbers used for the veneers are chosen for their highly decorative grain and colour and the thin slices of wood taken to make a veneer mean that an exceptionally rare and beautiful piece of timber can be used for several boxes rather than just one solid box.

Photo of Beautiful Wooden Jewellery Box 5
Photo of Beautiful Wooden Jewellery Box 6
Photo of Beautiful Wooden Jewellery Box 7

The boxes described and shown above cover a fairly wide range but sometimes an individual collection of jewellery or treasures requires a really special box or even cabinet, and that is when a master craftsman is brought in to design and make a piece that perfectly fulfils the requirements of the customer.

Photo of Beautiful Wooden Jewellery Cabinet 1
Photo of Beautiful Wooden Jewellery Cabinet 2

The cabinet shown has 2 slide hanging spaces for necklaces and bracelets and then multiple drawers for flat storage, and is made from Rosewood and Ash, all in all, a fine piece of woodcraft and design.

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