Jarrah 40 Year Calendar & Paperweight - Jarrah
Wouldn't it be handy to know what day (for instance) the 24th of June would be when you are booking air tickets - to take advantage of cheaper prices and also tie in with your work/holiday times? Or organise a...
Wine Bottle Coaster
The wine bottle coaster makes an elegant addition to your dining setting while it protects your table or dresser from wine spills and condensation. Available in either Tasmanian Myrtle, Blackwood or Huon Pine the hand-turned bottle coaster has the round,...
Gourmet Salt Pot - Huon Pine
Gourmet Salt Pot - Huon Pine
An attractive and practical alternative to a salt mill, this hand-turned lidded pot with its own tiny scoop is a stylish way to serve gourmet salts. The raw wood interior surface of the pot absorbs moisture and the lid keeps...
Box of Australian Animal Decorations - Tasmanian Oak
Weighing in at only 50 grams and measuring 9cm x 9cm x 3cm this box of Australian animal decorations is pop-in-a-bag easy to post and unbreakable and as cute as! Made from a variety of contrasting native timbers, each box...
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Hinged Photo Frames - Mixed Timbers
Beautifully crafted with exquisite detail in the all-wooden hinges, these wooden photo frames come in a variety of Australian native timbers which may include Blackwood, Myrtle, Rose gum, Cedar, Banksia and others depending on availability. On the inside, the Perspex photo covers...
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No Worries Double Strand Keyrings
The important thing here is that no two keyrings are the same or repeatable - they are made from whatever combination of native timbers are at hand, depending on the season, and that makes a pleasing combination of textures, colours...
Mushroom Earring Holder - Huon Pine
Mushroom Earring Holder - Huon Pine
What a fantastic idea is this! If you are an earring wearer who likes to change your earrings with your outfits and has a sizeable collection then this is the must-have addition to your dressing table or shelf. Each mushroom...
Swimming Redgum Fish
As a piece of fine woodworking in both design and execution these 'swimming' fish are state of the art, with people commonly gasping and dropping them after picking one up, so lifelike are they in their movement. The whole fish...
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Garden Dibber Celery-top Pine - Celery-top Pine
If you love gardening, growing your own vegetables or are thinking of taking up this increasingly popular pursuit, then the garden dibber is a must-have tool. In Celery-top pine, a Tasmanian speciality timber, the dibber will help you to plant...
Red Cedar Fire Bellows - Red Cedar
A rich combination of textures, materials and colours give these Australian Red Cedar Fire Bellows a touch of old-world luxury - think warm fires, port and leather-bound books in a cosy corner; add a dozing cat or dog and you...
No Worries Single Strand Keyrings
The No Worries Single Strand Keyring is altogether lighter, finer and more pocket friendly than the robust double strander but just as pleasing. The important thing here is that no two keyrings are the same or repeatable - they are...
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Giant Orb Blackwood Pepper Mill - Blackwood
At 60 centimetres tall this Giant Blackwood Pepper Mill is a feat of woodturning by Trevor Short who does it all by hand and comes up with the right proportions and balance that make even a mill of this size...
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Ancient Redgum Knob Handle Walking Stick - Ancient Redgum
The Knob Handle Walking Stick is designed for those who like their weight supported in the middle of the hand with the fingers around the head of the stick. The shaft is a red hardwood which may be Bluegum, Redgum,...
Fine Turned Silky Oak Rice Bowls - Silky Oak
Finely turned from Silky Oak, a native Australian timber that is actually a Grevillea, the largest of its species and found widely on the coast and ranges of NSW and Queensland. The timber has a decorative, lace like grain which reflects light...
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Huon Pine Shaving Kit and Stand
A perfect gift for the clean-shaven man, this luxe shaving kit offers a great shaving experience. The kit comes beautifully packaged and ready for gift wrapping (something we can do for you should you choose) and consists of: Shaving Set...
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Marcus Accessories Box Tree Lid - Cherry
With a nod to both Danish and Japanese design, these elegant boxes personify the modern style; no frills or fancy stuff just perfect proportion and clean lines. The subtle details in the making of this box have been carefully considered...
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Feelgood Wooden Keyrings - Mixed timbers
The Feelgood chunky wooden keyrings are a pleasure to hold and behold with their unique, every-one-is-different designs. The wooden beads come in every shape and size and are finished to meet Australian standards, being 100% recyclable, non-toxic and finished with...
We've put together a list of our favourite quirky, crazy, and cool unique wooden gifts. 100% HANDMADE, FREE SHIPPING, High-Quality Craftsmanship.
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