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Photos of Assorted Christmas Gift

When we were younger, the prospect of gifts on Christmas Day was so exciting! But then, of course it was – we weren’t responsible for buying them! As we get older it seems there are more and more people to buy for every year. That’s why we’ve thought outside the box to put together a list of unique gifts that you may not necessarily have considered.

For Her

Show the women in your life just how much they mean to you with a little bit of luxury. Whether you’re buying for your wife, your mother, or your sister, these gifts are guaranteed to get you brownie points!

  • Candles and Scented Oils

When you want to wind down, nothing is as relaxing as lighting some candles to fill the room with soft light and beautiful scents. She’ll adore these Banksia Nut or Jarrah Tea Light Candle Holders. Or this Banksia Scent Pot and Fragrant Oil will fill the room with the aroma of eucalyptus day in, day out – no candle lighting required!

Banksia Nut Tea Lite Candle HolderJarrah Tea Light Candle HolderBanksia Scent Pot and Fragrant Oil

  • Jewellery Box

It’s a rare woman that doesn’t have a bit of a soft spot for jewellery! Give her the gift of a beautiful and practical way to organise and store it all. We have a wide range of Jewellery Boxes to suit every taste. Or for something a little different, take a look at our Mushroom Earring Holder.

Taree Rosewood Jewellery BoxAlan Williams Heart Jewellery BoxMushroom Earring Holder

  • Ebonised Redgum Chimney Vases

These vases are as quintessentially Australian as it comes. An evocative symbol of the Australian landscape, they make a striking addition to any home. Fill them with Australian flowers to make an unforgettable Christmas gift.

Ebonised Redgum Chimney VasesEbonised Redgum Chimney Vases

For Him

Men can be so hard to buy for! But giving socks and jocks every year can get old. Why not aim for something a bit different this year?

  • Swimming Redgum Fish

We all know that boys love their toys! Here’s something that will entertain but also serve as a beautiful statement piece for the home or office. The product of fine design and expert craftsmanship, these 'swimming' fish, made of segments of Redgum fixed to sail canvas, feel disarmingly lifelike!

Swimming Redgum FishSwimming Redgum Fish

  • Chess Set

For a guy that loves his games! Make no mistake, Australian Woodwork chess boards are no ordinary game boards! We have three different sets, handmade using the French art of marquetry to give each a distinctive feel. The Koi and Gecko sets feature stunning images that fade in and out of vision depending on the angle of the light.

"Koi" Chess Board SetGecko Chessboard

  • Wooden Box

Give him something to store all those gadgets in! We have a wide range of masculine, minimalist boxes that he will be proud to use to keep all those bits and pieces. Or for something even more special, the Tamar Blackwood Watch and Cufflink Boxes feature a rippling grain that is almost mesmerising, making them a gorgeous decorative piece.

Deloraine Tiger Myrtle Collectables BoxDovetail General Purpose Box Silky Oak & RosewoodCurly Trinket Box

Deloraine Burl Myrtle Collectables BoxTamar Large Sassafras General Purpose BoxTamar Blackwood Watch and Cufflink Box

For Kids

When you’re buying for kids, entertainment is priority one – but what if you could teach them a little something along the way? Buy them something made of Australian timber, and take the opportunity to educate them about our great country and the importance of sustainability in protecting it.

  • Xylophone Drum

A neat little percussion instrument that has been developed and used in many different cultures throughout Central America, East and Southeast Asia, and parts of Africa. It’s a great first instrument for children because it is very intuitive to use. They’ll be occupied for hours creating and learning different sounds and patterns.

Xylophone DrumXylophone Drum

  • Spinning Tops

Kids love games that are simple yet challenging, and spinning tops definitely tick these boxes! Our String-Pull Self-Winding Wooden Spinning Top and Mixed Timber Wooden Spinning Top are precision turned from rare decorative timbers and are perfectly balanced, spinning for up to three minutes – or even more if you’re skilled enough!

String-Pull Self-Winding Wooden Spinning TopMixed Timber Wooden Spinning Top

  • Baby Mobiles

When you buy for a baby, it’s as much about finding something Mum will love as it is about the baby itself! Our laser-cut and hand-finished baby mobiles come in a range of themes: sea life, Australian animals, goldfish, and unicorn. Mum will appreciate the incredible workmanship that has gone into these stunning creations, and as baby gets older, it will be a great way to teach them about the animals they feature.

Australian Animal Baby MobileLaser-Cut Goldfish Baby MobileLaser-Cut Unicorn Baby Mobile

And the Rest...

  • For the gardener

The Celery-top Pine Garden Dibber helps to plant seeds and bulbs at just the right depth.

Garden Dibber Celery-top PineGarden Dibber Celery-top Pine

  • For the elderly

Our range of walking sticks could be just what they need!

Knob Handle Walking StickRedgum T-Bar Walking StickRedgum Knob Handle Walking Stick

  • For the bookworm

Our Coolibah Burl Bookends are sure to impress. Or our beautifully designed, laser-cut timber bookmarks offer a stylish take on a classic stocking filler.

Coolibah Burl BookendsCoolibah Burl Bookends

  • For a special teacher

A Jarrah Desk Clock is a great way to say thank you.

Square Jarrah Desk ClockSquare Jarrah Desk Clock

  • For your employees or colleagues

Give them something they can use! Check out the Jarrah Ballpoint Pen, our range of letter openers, or this special timber USB flash drive.

Jarrah Ballpoint PenAncient Redgum Inlaid Letter OpenerTimber USB Flash Drive 16gb

  • For the person that has everything

Why not frame a special photo in one of our elegant mixed timber photo frames, available in a range of sizes.

Small Mixed Timber Photo FramesStandard Mixed Timber Photo FramesLarge Mixed Timber Photo Frames

If you like some of the Christmas gift ideas we’ve come up with but still can’t quite make up your mind, consider buying an Australian Woodwork Gift Card. Or read about ‘Putting together a unique Australian Christmas hamper’ for that hard-to-buy-for person.

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