Mixed Timber Wooden Spinning Top

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These exquisite, collectable spinning tops are made by master craftsman Alan Williams (see the Conch Jewellery Box). He uses a collection of extremely rare decorative timbers to achieve the beautiful contrasts in each individual spinning top, with the points and stem accentuating the three timbers of the main wheel. This is woodturning at its finest and only a highly experienced turner could achieve something as delicate and well balanced as these tops. The fine turning comes after the careful cutting and joining of the different timbers and before the finishing processes of sanding and polishing. Each top is made from four different, rare timbers, beautifully combined for contrast and harmony.

These spinning tops make a wonderful gift; for the difficult-to-buy-for person, the collector or anyone who appreciates fine work. They are sure to be treasured by all who might receive one.



Height 5cm x Width 5cm x Length 5cm

*Note: This Spinning Top made out of Mixed Timbers is handcrafted, and as every piece of wood is unique no two wooden spinning tops are exactly the same; the above dimensions and weight are approximate measurements only. For more information please see our Australian handmade quality guarantee.