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Beautiful woodwork

(Last Updated: Dec 05, 2023) That special occasion could be a wedding, a birthday, a graduation, an anniversary or more generally a milestone that someone you know has achieved  - getting the dream job, finishing that degree  – and you are bursting with pride for them and need a gift that says exactly that. After all, what makes an occasion special is that it is special to both parties, so the gift you give has to express all your love and good feelings and you want it to be beautiful, fabulous, the best!

It’s interesting that gift-giving is known to have great benefits to the giver; feelings of warmth and happiness result from it and that feeling of well-being is naturally intensified when you are delighted with the gift, when you like it. There is an old saying, never give a gift that you do not like yourself, which brings us around to the gift of being Australian and by that we mean Australian-made.

There are times when you just have to have an Australian-made gift, not exclusively, but especially, when it’s going overseas; it’s to do with pride in your country that it can still produce top-of-the-range goods that are right up there in workmanship, design and materials. In the present, when an awful lot of what is available to purchase at the luxury end of the market is made in China, iPhones and high-end French brands are all made there, it is truly special to give a gift that is hand-made in Australia and whose quality is unquestionable - a gift you can be proud to give. Unable to be replicated, our range is made only from our own, world-renowned, native timbers with their extraordinary colour, diversity and grain, another factor that puts them in the top, luxury class of gifts and in a unique position.

Gifts for two; weddings, anniversaries, house-warmings, partnership celebrations

Set of 6 Sheoak Steak KnivesSheoak Salad Servers

Fine Turned Rosewood Rice BowlsMulti-Purpose Myrtle Serving Platter

Masters Pair Blackwood Salt & Pepper MillsTamar Blackwood His-and-Hers Jewellery Box

Gifts for individuals; graduations, promotions, citizenship, 21st, birthdays, life milestones

Red Cedar Fire BellowsAncient Redgum Man Size Pen

Gift Bundle: The Fine Woodwork Desk SetAncient Australian Redgum Bird

Yarrahapinni Trout Landing NetAncient Redgum Slimline Pen

Giant Orb Blackwood Pepper Mill

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