Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Unique gifts for your unique Dad – There’s nobody like him!

It’s often said that men are hard to buy presents for, but we disagree. You just have to take a walk in their shoes and see where that leads you – and one place you will definitely arrive at is woodwork; think men’s sheds, the honesty of timber, made by hand, sanded and polished, smooth to the touch. And then, all that in the shape of something both useful and cool!

Where to find it? Our online store www.australianwoodwork.com.au is full of Australian-made timber products that Dads will love! These are our top 10 picks for Father’s Day gifts based on their being useful, well designed, good-looking and very cool -  like your Dad?

Jarrah 40 Year Calendar & Paperweight

The Jarrah 40 year calendar will appeal to the Dad who likes engineering, puzzles and gadgets

Orb Pair Dark and Light Salt & Pepper Mills

Simple! Salt in the light one, pepper in the dark – for the practical man

Ancient Redgum Man Size Pen

The Ancient Redgum man-size pen comes with a truly fascinating story about this 5,000 year old timber;

Is your Dad a bit of a history buff?

Mt Blanc-Style Ballpoint Pen

The Mt Blanc style pen in Redgum Burl timber is a thing of beauty and will look great on his desk or in his top pocket – and it writes well too!

Giant Orb Blackwood Pepper Mill

Either the large 40cm, or the giant 60cm, Orb pepper mill is great for the hero/chef Dad who likes to do things with a flourish!

Tasmanian Timber Coasters

The Tasmanian timber coasters are smooth, polished, refined and classy – sound like your Dad?

Yamba Multi Purpose Double Handle Board

Generous in size with easy-to-pick-up handles in highly figured Camphor Laurel, this is a Dad friendly all-round kitchen board.

Flip-Top Business Card Holder

The flip-top card case carries your business cards and then flips open to display them – ultra useful and a magic little design.

Camphor Laurel Serving Platter

THE gift for your BBQ loving Dad; big surface, dishes for sauces (or anything) and it can be plonked down anywhere and remain stable.

Tamar Medium Sassafras General Purpose Box

Sassafras is a timber with masculine appeal and this smart, clean box will keep his bits and pieces, knick-knacks and thingummyjigs perfectly. 

Please check our site for many other great gift ideas, there are lots and lots to choose from.

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