Unique Australian Wedding Gift Ideas


Choosing a wedding gift for newly-weds is perhaps the most difficult gift buying decision of them all. You don’t want to buy something that lies unused at the back of a cupboard, vaguely resented because as a wedding present it can’t be thrown out, nor do you want a gift that is safe, but predictable – yes we all can use wine glasses but you can buy them anywhere and everywhere. You want to buy a gift that is unique and interesting and that says you put a lot of care and thought into its choosing because unlike birthdays and Christmases, you only have one chance to get it right. You would like to give something that is cherished, used with pleasure and that comes with loving associations.

When it has to be an Australian-made Gift.

Whether you are travelling overseas to attend a wedding or sending a gift overseas, you want it to be from you but also from your home; a quality, made-in-Australia gift that you feel represents you and the country. Our range of products, hand-made from sustainably sourced timbers will let you do just that. Packaging is important here and so is the cost of shipping internationally and many of our gift bundles tick all those boxes. If your gift is for Australians working or living overseas then our Australian bird sculptures could provide the perfect wedding gift idea. When shipping internationally, take advantage of our gift wrapping service with hand written message.

Cheese Board and Cheese Knife bundleAustralian Animal gift bundleAustralian bird sculptures

For New Home-makers

If your newlyweds are setting up house then you can confidently give practical gifts that you know they will need and use every day like chopping boards and wooden kitchen utensils, pepper grinders, salad bowls and salad servers.

Chopping BoardsAll Rounder Kitchen Utensil Set

Pepper Grinders, Salad Bowls and Salad Servers

Traditional Wedding Gifts

Sometimes a more formal, traditional type of gift is appropriate. If a wedding gift is from a group of people such as a student body, office co-workers, company or organisation then it is important that the gift have universal appeal and is beautifully boxed for presentation. A document box for the wedding certificate is traditional as is a beautiful tray, boxed salad servers or steak knife set. There are also trivet and coaster sets and serving platters that fit the bill.

Garrick Document Box, Jarrah and BlackwoodStafford Redgum and Stainless Steel Salad Servers

You will find plenty to choose from in our interesting, hand-crafted, range of wooden products.

Set of 6 Sheoak Steak KnivesLuxury Serving Tray in Wood

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