21st Birthday and Graduation Presents


(Last Updated: Dec 01, 2023) 21st birthdays and graduations share a common thread as pivotal 'coming of age' events, each marking a significant life milestone. Traditionally, the key received on a 21st birthday symbolized a young adult's newfound independence, granting them the freedom to establish their own home, and the right to vote and consume alcohol. Although these legal privileges now commence at 18, the 21st birthday continues to be a celebrated cultural milestone, often observed with festive gatherings and the exchange of thoughtful gifts.

Graduations, while not typically associated with the grandeur of 21st birthday bashes, are equally momentous. These occasions are frequently commemorated with the giving of unique and memorable gifts, distinct from the usual birthday or Christmas presents. These tokens are cherished, symbolizing the achievement and transition into a new life chapter.

For those seeking the perfect gift to honour these significant occasions, the Australian Woodwork online shop offers a variety of unique ideas that may be just what you're looking for.

Boxes, boxes and boxes!

Tamar Blackwood Watch and Cufflink BoxTamar Tiger Myrtle Jewellery Box with TrayRoll Top Australian Red Cedar Jewellery Box

Curly Trinket BoxGarrick Document Box, Jarrah and Blackwood

Boxes make a perfect special gift and are one of our most popular choices for these coming-of-age events. There are boxes just for him such as the watch and cufflink box; boxes for her such as the jewellery boxes with trays or our beautiful little trinket boxes, and then general-purpose boxes that anyone can use for anything - ALL terrific gifts that you can be sure will be well received and that you will be proud to give. Australian-made using traditional woodworking techniques, these boxes are hand-made, artisanal pieces that won’t end up being thrown away.


Jarrah Ballpoint PenMt Blanc-Style Ballpoint PenExecutive Click-top Ballpoint Pen

Ancient Redgum Man Size PenAncient Redgum Slimline Pen

Our range of pens, which include the pretty Jarrah twist top, the Mt Blanc, the Executive click top or the Ancient Redgum styles, all come beautifully boxed for presentation. A good pen still has a place in our computer/keyboard lives and will be a much-appreciated gift – people love a nice pen and will always use it and hang on to it.

There are many other unique, quality, hand-made products available at our online shop that could make wonderful 21st or graduation gifts, especially when you know the person and their interests well. They may be keen cooks in which case many items from our kitchenware range will appeal or they may be young homemakers who love the warmth of wood and would appreciate a gift from our homewares section – there is plenty to choose from our great line-up of woodwork, all of it hand-made in Australia, from sustainably sourced native timbers, by the country’s finest woodworkers.

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