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You do hear it said that it is hard to buy gifts for men, especially if you want to steer away from the tool or technology side of things, the problem with these areas being that they lack the personal touch and no matter how high end, all have that mass-produced-in-China feel, right down to the shrink-wrapped, extruded-foam-lined box accompanied by instructions in 17 languages and a warranty. All in all this is terrific merchandising but again, it lacks the personal touch. It’s our opinion that we have some really unique, Australian-made gifts for men that DO have the personal touch and following are a few suggestions.

A Box for Things

While women have handbags, men do not generally have anywhere to keep their keys, wallet, sunglasses and change so it often ends up in a heap on the dressing table or coffee table. A box could be the perfect gift and we have various styles and sizes, in beautiful native timbers, that range from full on jewellery boxes to plain general purpose boxes - somewhere just for him and his things. If the man in question is a very tech type then a special box for his USB sticks and other computer related stuff could be highly appreciated.

Photo of Deloraine Huon Pine General Purpose BoxPhoto of Tamar General Purpose BoxPhoto of Deloraine Tiger Myrtle Collectables Box

Or a Bowl

Keeping the paraphernalia together that you need every day is important if you don’t want to waste precious time looking for keys and sunglasses etc, and a beautiful burl bowl placed on the hall table can serve this purpose well. It’s right there, it’s strong and sturdy and a beautiful object in its own right.

Photo of Wooden BowlsPhoto of Wooden Burl Bowl

Desk Type Things

It is a truism that many of us spend a lot of time at desks and this is an area that begs to be improved with personal touches and nice things. Our mixed timber frames, gorgeous letter openers and the amazing 40-year calendar/paperweight (yes, it is good for 40 years!) are all contenders. If your man spends a lot of time on the phone and needs something to twiddle then our exquisite, collectable spinning tops in rare timbers would be a thoughtful and attractive gift. Then there are our Jarrah or Ancient Redgum pens, both beautifully packaged. The whole Ancient Redgum range in fact is excellent gift material with its fascinating story of the 5,000 year old timber and certificates accompanying each piece.

Photo of Photo FramesPhoto of Ancient Redgum Man Size PenPhoto of Mixed Timber Wooden Spinning Top

If You Have a Budding Chef

You could get him a really good chopping board or a serve-up-Jamie-Oliver-style board. Our Camphor Laurel boards are all kiln dried to around 9% moisture content to ensure they will not warp or crack and in fact we have had several of ours for over 10 years. The Blackwood end-grain chopping board is a good one for a keen, home chef and the round carver has definite appeal for the BBQ and roast man. On the same theme, our She-Oak steak knives are a great man gift - no gender stereotyping meant ! (they would make a perfect wedding gift and if you know she loves a steak then absolutely! ) Our entire kitchen range will give you some terrific Australian gift ideas for the foodie man; our stand alone large and giant pepper mills spring immediately to mind.

Photo of Round Carving or Chopping BoardPhoto of Chopping BoardsPhoto of She Oak Steak Knives

The Chess Player

If you have a man to buy for who loves a game of chess and appreciates fine workmanship and hand-made quality then it would be hard to go past the exquisite marquetry chess boards which are available in the ‘Gecko’ and ‘Koi’ design. They come with or without a set of classic Staunton chess pieces and are a unique Australian made gift that any chess player would love and that can be left on display as a mini art work.

Photo of Gecko ChessboardPhoto of Marquetry Chess Board SetPhoto of Koi Chessboard

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