Australian Made Christmas Gift Ideas


Are you a little over mass produced imported products? Or perhaps a patriotic consumer who likes to buy Australian Made on principle? Or maybe you like your gifts to have good green credentials and not have travelled thousands of mile across oceans but rather made as close to home as possible and travelled as short a distance as possible? Would you prefer a present made from a renewable natural material? Or maybe you just want to send a gift overseas that is from Australia and says Australia without falling into the category of ‘Australiana’. If any of the above reasons apply to your Christmas gift buying this year then we have you covered with a truly interesting, hand-crafted range of Australian made giftware that gives you many options in price and style. Take few minutes to browse our range and check out the special Christmas bundles below.

Specials on Bundles

For Christmas gift buying we are offering discounted bundles of some of our most popular items that are frequently bought together such as our ever popular Red Hardwood Kitchen Utensil range which we have arranged into three bundles – a basic set for $67 (usually $75), an all-rounder set for $98 (usually $109) and a comprehensive set for $160 (usually $178) Made from Australian Eucalypt red hardwood these utensils are made to last!

Photo of Gift Bundle: The Basic Kitchen Utensil SetPhoto of Gift Bundle: The All-Rounder Kitchen Utensil SetPhoto of Gift Bundle: The Comprehensive Kitchen Utensil Set

Another popular combo is the elegant Tubb Cheeseboard with Sheoak Cheese Knife for $152 (usually $168) This is a uniquely Australian gift with the cheeseboard bearing all of the rare timbers used in its making listed on a gold threaded card and the She-oak knife a piece of design excellence. Another Australian woodwork design is the cute Blackwood Gourmet Salt Pot which teams well with an Orb Blackwood pepper mill, together $142 (usually $157).

Photo of Tubb Cheeseboard with Sheoak Cheese Knife comboPhoto of Blackwood Gourmet Salt Pot and Orb Blackwood pepper mill

The sweet, Jarrah T-light candle holders are always pretty in twos and threes so we are offering 2 candle holders for $50 (usually $56) or 3 candle holders for $76 (usually $84).

Photo of Jarrah Tea Light Candle Holders

The blandness of the beige office desk and computer can be given some natural warmth with this Jarrah desk combination of 40 year calendar, organic letter opener and pen for $99 (usually $112). For the person who really appreciates quality joinery, the fine woodwork set of mixed timber photo frame, folding letter opener and business card holder is great value at $130 (usually $144).

Photo of Jarrah desk combination of 40 year calendar, organic letter opener and penPhoto of set of mixed timber photo frame, folding letter opener and business card holder

Good Ideas for Taking Overseas

You don’t want to be lugging heavy or fragile items with you when travelling but you want to take an interesting present that will be appreciated and used. We could not suggest anything better than either the Australian animal trivet or pot-stand paired with matching coasters or alternatively the Gumleaf trivet/pot-stand with matching Australian wildflower coasters. We have these bundled at $70 for large trivet and matching coasters (usually $77). If neither of those options light you up how about the elegant knot trivet and coaster double at $67 (usually $74) about the very sophisticated Knot trivet and matching coasters at $67 (usually $74).

Photo of large trivet and matching coastersPhoto of knot trivet and coaster doublePhoto of Knot trivet and matching coasters

These are just some of the interesting gift ideas for Christmas you will find online at Australian Woodwork.

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