Unique Christmas Gifts for Women


You may think of woodcraft as being a predominantly male preserve what with the men’s shed movement and such but that is just in the making process.  Our range of unique wooden gifts will show you that many of the designs and products produced by our woodworkers have been specifically made with wives, mothers, sisters and neighbours in mind plus our online shop has an abundance of items that everyone, male or female,  would love. Some that spring to mind are:

Jewellery Boxes

Our jewellery boxes range from large and multi layered to medium all-rounders to small decorative trinket boxes, all of which are fine examples of hand-made woodcraft that will sit happily on her dressing table.



Through years of operating our shops and gallery we have observed that it is women who tend to be the big buyers of our beautiful hand carved bird sculptures, including the 5,000 year old Ancient Redgum fairy wrens. For whatever reason, women love them.



Candle Holders

Our T-light candle holders in Banksia or Jarrah are an ever popular gift choice for the girls.



The new design of the Knot trivet and coasters is definitely lacy and feminine while the Jarrah roll-up table mat, place mats and coasters make an impressive table setting for the keen home entertainer. Our Gecko and Hot Snake trivets are also good considerations


Salad Bowls

Our beautiful Huon Pine salad bowl is an object that will grace any table anywhere. A really well turned bowl in this iconic timber makes a wonderful gift.


Serving Trays

Glamorous, glossy and elegant, these trays are made for the entertainer.



We have lots of other really interesting and unique gifts that could make the “Now that’s perfect”! Moment happen when you are searching for something special for the lovely women in your life.  Happy browsing!

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