Discount Bundles For Christmas

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Yes, we are bundling up for Christmas, even though it is 36 degrees out there! Over the year we notice that some products are often bought in combination with others and taking you, our customers’ cue on this, we have put together some great discounted bundles for Christmas gift buying. Whether you want to make up a more substantial gift with some nicely combined products or just want to take advantage of the discounts there are some worthwhile ideas here for your consideration.

Kitchen Utensil Bundles

We have sorted our ever popular Red Hardwood Kitchen Utensil range into three bundles –

The Basic Utensil Set: $67 (usually $75)

Basic Utensil Set

A set of short tongs
A kitchen spoon
A shovall
A shaped stirrer

The All Rounder Set: $100 (usually $109) and you still receive free shipping!

Basic Utensil Set

A set of long tongs
A kitchen spoon
A frytle
A shovall
A shaped stirrer
A pate spreader

The Comprehensive Set: $178 (usually $198)

Comprehensive Set

A set of long tongs
A set of short tongs
A kitchen spoon
A frytle
A wok Stirrer
A shovall
A shaped stirrer
A spurtle
A rice spoon
A pate spreader

Other Popular Combos for the Foodie

The Tubb Cheeseboard with Sheoak Cheese Knife: $152 (usually $168)

Tubb Cheeseboard and Knife

This is a uniquely Australian gift with the cheeseboard bearing all of the rare timbers used in its making listed on a gold threaded card and the Sheoak knife a piece of design excellence.

The Orb Blackwood Pepper Mill and Gourmet Salt Pot

Pepper Mill and Salt Pot

Together $142 (usually $157) the Blackwood gourmet salt pot and Orb Blackwood pepper mill team up nicely.

T-Light Candle Set

Tea Light Candle Set

The sweet, Jarrah T-light candle holders are always pretty in twos and threes so we are offering 2 candle holders for $50 (usually $56) or 3 candle holders for $76 (usually $84).

Desk Bundles

The blandness of the beige office desk and computer can be given some natural warmth with these combinations of desk ware.

Jarrah Desk Combination : $100 (usually $112)

Jarrah Desk Combination

Jarrah 40 year calendar
Organic Jarrah letter opener
Jarrah pen

The Fine Woodwork Desk set: $130 (usually $144)

The Fine Woodwork Desk Set

Standard size mixed timber photo frame
Folding letter opener
Business card holder

Good Options for Overseas

When you don’t want to carry or post heavy items these mix and match combos are perfect.

Australian Animal Combo: $70 (usually $77)

Australian Animal Combo

Large Australian animal trivet
Set matching animal coasters

Australian Gumleaf and Wildflower Combo: $70 (usually $77)

Australian Gumleaf and Wildflower Combo

Large gumleaf trivet
Set matching Australian wildflower coasters

Knot Trivet and Matching Coasters: $67 (usually $74)

Knot Trivet and Matching Coasters

Blackwood knot trivet
Blackwood knot coasters

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  • Posted on by Diane

    LOVE these Bundles, I got the Kitchenware set for… MYSELF (well the Hubby paid for it!) :)

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