Huon Pine 30cm Salad Bowl

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Huon Pine is widely regarded as one of Australia's premium woodworking timbers, prized for its fine grain, buttery colour and high oil content, making it especially water resistant. Because of this quality it was logged extensively for boat building in the past and being an extremely slow growing tree, the Huon Pine forests of South West Tasmania were decimated. They are now protected from logging and most Huon Pine used in woodcraft is salvaged timber. 

Huon Pine's inherent qualities also make it a perfect timber for a salad bowl - fine grained, water resistant and with its trademark soft yellow colour, gradually darkening with time and use to a honey gold. This particular design is a classic salad bowl shape with its wide rather than deep proportions and turned rim, the sort of shape you might draw if asked to do a salad bowl! The 30cm size is very versatile, catering for up to 6 people and doubling happily as a fruit bowl if preferred.  With its perfectly proportioned elegance, beautiful colour and classic simplicity it would accommodate all types of salad and suit any table setting.



Height 11cm x Width 30cm x Length 30cm

*Note: This Huon Pine Salad Bowl is handcrafted, and as every piece of wood is unique no two wooden salad bowls are exactly the same; the above dimensions and weight are approximate measurements only. For more information please see our Australian handmade quality guarantee.

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