The Perfect Australian Housewarming Gift


(Last Updated: Dec 01, 2023)Do you have friends or family moving into new digs? Are you trying to decide on the right housewarming gift that would suit them best? Pass it on to us because we are here with the perfect Australian-made gift for their new home and you can trust us to point you in the right direction.

Australian Heartwarming Gifts

Are They Making a Home for the First Time?

If so, you need to go for the basic stuff. Generally, people tend to overlook such gifts thinking that's too easy and maybe I need to go for something more fancy/glamorous, but if this is a first home then needs come before luxuries. A suggestion would be to go for things like our wooden utensils set, a cheese board, a kitchen board or an elegant and useful set of salt and pepper grinders as these are items we all need and use often. With practical gifts like these you know they will be used every day and as long as they are used, love and happy thoughts come your way!

Australian Woodwork KitchenwareBlackwood Carving And All-Round Kitchen BoardRound Huon Pine Cheese Board

Orb Pair Salt & Pepper Mills LargeBlackwood Gourmet Salt PotMasters Pair Sassafras Salt & Pepper Mills

Or is This Move an Upgrade?

If this is an upgrade the rudimentary stuff is already taken care of so you should look for something different yet decorative that would add beauty to an empty corner.

We all know fancy items do come with a fat budget. Not willing to spend a hefty amount? Go for some of our lifestyle products that are budget-friendly, and elegant and add that touch of warmth that wood brings to any room - our T-light candles in Banksia or Jarrah and our range of wooden photo frames are a perfect fit. If, however, we are talking a luxury gift then a set of rice bowls or a classic wooden bowl for salad or fruit are also winners and if you want to go all out, something from our one-off gallery section could inspire you.

Boxed Pair Of Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle HoldersJarrah Tea Light Candle HolderBanksia Nut Tea Lite Candle Holder

Standard Mixed Timber Photo FramesHinged Photo Frames

Fine Turned Rosewood Rice BowlsTurned Blackwood Salad Bowl

You Want an Australian-Made Gift

For many reasons you may want an Australian-made gift – for recent arrivals from overseas, new citizens or perhaps you are simply a fan of locally made over imports. Whatever your reasons, these gifts all bring an organic, natural warmth to a home and have an individually hand-crafted feel that makes them special, plus they are guaranteed made in Australia from our unique native timbers – hard to go past for the perfect Australian housewarming gift.

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