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Australian Woodwork Banksia Gifts

Banksias are unique to Australia

(Last Updated: Dec 01, 2023) Banksias, those plants with their knobbly, furry seedpods, their fascinating flowers and their amazing story of regeneration by fire are so, so, Australian and are in fact unique to this island continent of ours. With 170 different species, Banksias range from low, ground-hugging shrubs to trees that can reach 30 metres tall such as the Banksia Grandis from Western Australia whose huge seed pods provide the raw material for our range of Australian-made Banksia gifts.

Banksia Grandis from Western Australia

From rough and knobbly to polished and beautiful

The rough and gnarly seedpods once turned and polished, come alive to reveal their inner form - infinitely varied patterns and textures which our woodworkers have used to advantage in creating objects both useful and beautiful, from walking sticks to wine stoppers to candles.

Banksia Knob Handle Walking StickBoxed Pair of Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle HoldersClassic Wine Bottle Stoppers


The harvesting of the seedpods is strictly regulated by the Department of Parks and Wildlife Western Australia, can only be done on foot so that the bushland is not damaged in the process, and is limited to a small area of bushland each year, ensuring it and the Banksia will continue to thrive.

Banksia-nut CoastersBanksia Nut Tea Lite Candle HolderBanksia Scent Pot and Fragrant Oil

Overseas friends just love them!

Most Australians are very familiar with Banksias being a common bush or garden plant but international people find them especially fascinating, unusual and delightful; they have simply never seen anything like it and appreciate the organic nature of the seedpods with their intriguing patterns of holes and their furry 'velvet.'

Photo of Banksia Nut Tea Lite Candle HolderTony Desk Clock

A truly Australian gift

 All of this makes our range of Banksia gifts perfect for sending or taking overseas; they are sturdy, unbreakable, and lightweight.  Closer to home, they make an excellent  Australian citizen gift or for any occasion or person where the gift has to be not only Australian-made but quintessentially Australian.

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