Winter Wood


Photo of Australian Woodwork Gallery in Hunter Valley

Winter is definitely on its way up here in the Hunter Valley – the grape vines are turning red as are the Manchurian Pear trees outside Australian Woodwork Gallery, carpeting the grass with russet autumn hues and bringing to mind lots of ideas for winter things to do, apart from unpacking the fleecy jumpers and brushing off the Uggs.

Staying In and Cooking

Cooking is a great winter pastime now that the BBQ and picnic season is drawing to a close. Yummy winter food like home-made pies, pastries and pasta all require a top notch French style rolling pin which allows great manouverability because of its smoothly tapered shape - they look good just hanging around the kitchen bench! Bring that casserole, lasagne or pie straight from the oven to the table and put it right down on the trivet you have ready  - then you can take off the lid with a flourish, let the wonderful aromas waft over the table and serve people directly.

Photo of French style rolling pin with egg, flour, and butterPhoto of cooking pot on a trivet and other utensils

Photos of different wooden coasters and trivets

Red Wine with That?

That beautiful pie or pasta dish you just made calls for a glass of red wine; though many people like it any time it seems to go particularly with winter food but spilling it on surfaces or tablecloths can be annoying so coasters for your glass and bottle are a must. You can intrigue everyone with a wine bottle balance and keep that bottle of wine fresh for tomorrow with a wooden wine stopper.

Photo of coaster with wine bottle balance and wine stopper

Have a Cosy Fire

Move the pot-plants out of the fireplace and indulge yourself with a wood fire. There is nothing like getting  all rosy cheeked, staring into a fire, just watching the flames until it’s time to get up and make a mug of cocoa (you’ll need a coaster for that as well) and to make sure that fire roars into life a set of exquisite Red Cedar bellows will do the job nicely plus they look fabulous beside the fireplace when it’s not in use.

Photo of a Red Cedar bellow

Porridge for Breakfast with Toast and Marmalade to Follow

There is nothing like a warming bowl of porridge for breakfast and our spurtles, new style and classic, are just the perfect utensil for it. Scots style is with just a sprinkle of salt but  you can have really decadent porridge with cream and brown sugar and rhubarb, yum! To finish off what could be better than toast and home-made marmalade which you have stirred with the all-round kitchen and jam spoon, served up on a trendy paddle board.

Photo of our new style and classic spurtles with Oats and CreamPhoto of Wooden spoon and a paddle board

There is plenty to look forward to in Winter!

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