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Tamar Blackwood Watch and Cufflink Box

Our Custom Designed Watch Box

Having received many, many requests for Watch and Cufflink Boxes from our customers, whom we encourage to contribute to the suggestion box, we have gone ahead and commissioned one of our most experienced artisans to design and make a box especially for men, for their watches, cufflinks and bits and pieces.

Watches are no longer just for telling the time – they are fashion statements in their own right and it is common for a bloke to own several: dress, sport, casual-every-day, high-tech and trendy are all possibilities in just one man’s collection so it is logical that he needs somewhere to keep them and while there, how about a tray for cufflinks or other jewellery or even sunglasses or USB sticks with special collections on them or keepsakes like Grandad’s medals or his wedding ring. These are the type of thing  that we all keep and treasure even though we don’t necessarily use them and it ‘s nice to have a safe, special place for them.

Photo of Tamar Blackwood Watch and Cufflink BoxPhoto of Tamar Blackwood Watch and Cufflink Box 2

The Tamar Blackwood Watch and Cufflink Box is beautifully designed to fill all the aforementioned requirements : minimalist, elegant, masculine and functional, it saves all of its showing off for the fiddleback Blackwood lid with its dazzling, rippling light effects. We think this is a fine piece of woodcraft, custom made with the man in mind who needs somewhere to keep his watches and things and who wants something of good quality, hand fashioned in solid, natural timber, made to last.

Tamar Blackwood Watch and Cufflink Box

Or Customise Your Own

You may not have a large watch collection, just a favourite one or two plus a few bits and pieces it would be nice to have a home for, in which case you could customise any of our general purpose boxes with these handy watch pillows. In beige velvet, they fit snugly in a corner and won’t slide around, allowing you the perfect customised fit out for your watch, watches and other belongings that need a place to live.

Photo of Watch Pillows

Photo of Deloraine Blackwood Collectables BoxPhoto of Dovetail General Purpose Box Silky Oak & RosewoodPhoto of Tamar General Purpose Box - Sassafras

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    I am looking for a wedding card box for my daughter’s upcoming wedding in April.

    Are you able to quote on making a lockable box, with a slot on the top to accommodate the size of a wedding card?

    Thank you,

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