Red Hardwood Kitchen Spoon - Red Hardwood
This classic wooden spoon is made from virtually indestructible Australian Hardwood, either Red Ironbark or RedGum, depending on availability, and both immensely durable and attractive. Wooden utensils have the advantage of being safe to use with non-stick cookware and being...
Red Hardwood Rice Spoon - Red Hardwood
Made from either Redgum or Ironbark, depending upon availability, these Hardwood Rice Spoons are the perfect utensil for serving rice or any food that is heavy and sticky such as potato salad or pasta salad. Shorter and thicker than most...
Tea Caddy and Coffee Jar Scoop - Mixed Timbers
Available in a selection of Tasmanian timbers which may include Huon Pine, Blackwood, Tassie Oak, She-oak, depending on timbers available at the time of making. These cute wooden scoops will float nicely on top of your ground coffee or loose-leaf...
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Red Hardwood All-purpose Spoon - Red Hardwood
This all purpose wooden spoon is multi functional; you can stir, flip and with that clever corner you can get right into the inner edges of your pot where things are inclined to stick. It is made from virtually indestructible...

Wooden Spoons Handmade to Last!

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