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At Australian Woodwork a particular favourite in our range of giftware is the Ancient Redgum collection. It has a great story, is stunningly beautiful, absolutely unique to Australia and comes with genuine authentication and gorgeous packaging.

The story of Ancient Redgum is a fascinating one – thousands of years ago when the Egyptians were building the Pyramids, the River Murray altered its course at the end of the last Ice Age, undermining the great Redgums which grew along its banks. These trees toppled into the gravelly stream, were buried, and lay for centuries gradually absorbing the earth’s minerals and metamorphosing into the dense, ebony black timber used in these beautiful products. Only recently discovered in rural Victoria, the wood has been radiocarbon dated at more than 5000 years old by the ANU in Canberra and each item is accompanied by a certificate of authentication from the Museum of Victoria.

This hard, ebony timber is carefully salvaged, milled and kiln dried before being distributed to selected Australian craftspeople who create unique artifacts, often combining the Ancient Redgum with modern-day Redgum to create items of striking contrast and design.Our selection of red gum products are very unique and beautifully made.

Our Ancient Redgum Australian birds are made from these historical trees. This pair of birds are life sized wrens which come with either their tail up or down to compliment the other. The wrens come with an authentication certificate and a  velvet pouch.

Photo of Ancient Redgum Australian bird with pouchPhoto of Ancient Redgum Australian bird with authenticity certificate

We also have a selection of gorgeous pens made from the Ancient Redgum. Our first is the Redgum man size pen. The man size pen has a sturdy weight and balance to it, comes with an authentication certificate and an exquisite black pen case. The pen has a German ballpoint lining and takes a standard refill. You are able to purchase it in a platinum or gold finish.

Photo of man size pen with mug and eyeglassesPhoto of man size pen with box

If you are looking for a more on-the-go pen that you can take anywhere, then the Ancient Redgum slimline pen is perfect for you. Available only in gold, it takes a standard refill and like our other ancient red gum products it comes with an authenticity certificate and a sleek black pen case. The cute and compact desk clock has a quality Japanese movement and an elegant Roman numeral face.

Photo of Ancient Redgum slimline pen with boxPhoto of compact desk clock with pouch

European Australia has a short history. This ancient timber is a tangible connection with a rich, natural, pre-European history and a high percentage of profit goes to further research of the Murray River area. Our Ancient Redgum range offers gifts that are high quality, beautiful, intrinsically valuable and above all uniquely Australian.

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