Two New Styles Added to Our Jewellery Box Range


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Photo of 3 Jewellery Boxes

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Australian Woodwork has two new box ranges, the Dovetail jewellery boxes and the Tamar general purpose boxes. The Dovetail range is a bit of a departure from our other boxes in that the box itself is as noteworthy as its function. Think of the Alan Williams Red Cedar Heart Jewellery Box, a collectable piece in its own right, a thing of great beauty, crossed with the highly functional, traditionally crafted Taree Rosewood Jewellery Boxes and you have the idea.

What you have in the new Dovetail range is a box that is very user friendly in that it can be personalised to suit your needs by arranging the movable trays to your preference, plus you have the choice of the 2 or 3 layer model, while at the same time having a piece of woodcraft of outstanding quality and workmanship. This range is made using precision dovetail joinery and uses a combination of decorative Australian timbers (Silky Oak, Red Cedar, Ash, Qld Ebony, Wenge, to name a few) whose contrasting colours, patterns and textures make these boxes positively luscious. They are an absolute feast for the eyes and are very much in the category ‘antiques of the future’. The finish, favourite of the purists among our woodworkers, is a fine burnishing oil which softly enhances and protects the timbers without flooding the grain so that they are silky and tactile. Customers in the gallery often ask if they may touch the pieces on display because ‘you just want to feel it, the wood’ and that is so right! Wood wants to be touched! The immaculate presentation and attention to detail makes these a stand out jewellery box.

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The Tamar range, shy violets next to the Dovetails, are nonetheless an excellent quality, plain, general purpose box and hard to beat at the price. The Tamar range is absolute modern simplicity, - no visible catches, just the discreet magnet in the lid and no protruding knobs, just the subtle finger indent for opening. The Tamars save their best for the inside, lined as they are with lovely soft suede leather and for their lids whose feature panels of highly figured Tasmanian timbers, namely Fiddleback Blackwood, Sassafras and Tiger Myrtle give just the right touch of quiet embellishment.

Photo of jewellery box 1Photo of jewellery box 2Photo of jewellery box 3

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