Wood For Your 5th Wedding Anniversary


There are several theories as to where the custom of giving a wooden gift for a 5th wedding anniversary originated, delightfully full of old folklore and ancient rites. One theory traces it back to Roman times when a piece of Oak was given on the 5th anniversary to symbolise the strength, stability and longevity required for a successful marriage. There is an old Welsh tradition of giving a wooden spoon, associated with romance and ‘spooning,’ and in English speaking countries a piece of wood was cut on the day of the 5th anniversary and presented to the wife as a finished article ‘before the next two quarter days had passed’ – quarter days being the equinoxes and solstices.

Originally, only a few noteworthy milestone years were celebrated, in most countries these being the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 50th, unlike today’s commercial insistence on celebrating each and every passing year of a marriage with the subsequent forgotten anniversary (Oh No!) becoming a rich vein for stand up comedians and rom coms to mine.

The tradition of a wooden gift for a 5th anniversary bears some examination and musing – is the 5 year mark a sort of natural interval in terms of human lifespan and marriage span? The honeymoon and its afterglow are definitely over, the character faults and inconsistencies that, let’s face it, we all have, are no longer hidden. It seems about right, 5 years, for a simple, honest  ‘so far, so good’ celebration and wood is just that, simple and honest. However, if things subsequently go horribly wrong  you can always chuck that wooden memento or burn it and take comfort in toasted marshmallows and a cup of hot cocoa.

Australian Woodwork, with its large and varied product range is the obvious first stop when wooden gift buying is upon you. Some great gift ideas are wooden photo frames, jewellery boxes, wooden spoons, desk items, clocks  and keyrings  to name a few. And if you want something special that you don’t see on our website, give us a call and we may be able to suggest something from the gallery.

Happy Anniversary to all of those celebrating one and best wishes from Australian Woodwork.

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