Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


With Mother’s Day a little over a month away you are probably starting to think about what to give your Mum. Should it be something practical that she can use or should it be something whimsical and pretty, non work related, just something gorgeous for her to have. That all depends on your own particular Mum and you know her better than we do so we have put together a selection from our online shop that will, we hope, give you plenty of gift ideas to choose from in areas useful, practical, pretty, absolutely gorgeous and maybe, hopefully, all the above combined.

Trinket and Ring Boxes

These sweet boxes in rare Australian timbers, hand-made by John Tudehope would look pretty on your Mum’s dresser. Perfect to hold her rings, earrings and every day jewellery.

Photo of Trinket Boxes

Trivets and Coasters

These can be practical and pretty, intriguing and charming. If this is your Mum’s sort of thing, we have a great range from the delicate Knot set to the fun interlocking Geckos. There are some great gift bundles here as well.

Photo of Trivets Collection

Beautiful Wooden Kitchenware

If your Mum cooks then she should have quality utensils. Things that are a joy to use every day and not just for best; things that are beautiful to look at and have around. Have a look at our gift bundles for value shopping.

Photo of The Comprehensive Kitchen Utensil Set


Is your Mum a bit of a bird lover? If so she would adore one of our hand-made and painted Australian bird sculptures, full of charm and personality.

Photo of Wooden Birds 

For the Working Mum

If your Mum works in an office she would probably appreciate some warm wooden touches around her desk – a paper knife, a desk clock, a 40 year calendar paper weight, a pretty wooden frame? Check out the desk-themed gift bundles.

Photo of Desk Accessories

The Foodie Mum

If your Mum likes to entertain friends and family she will love our range of serving platters and cheese boards. In native timbers they range from BBQ rustic to elegant fine dining.

Photo of Cheese Boards

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