Housewarming Gifts That Will be Used and Appreciated


Family of four happily carrying boxes inside a house, suggesting they may be moving in

There are many reasons that friends or family members may find themselves moving to a new home. Students might have to move interstate or closer to their place of study, young people might be setting up house together, older couples may be downsizing, a person’s employment may require that they change state or even country.

Whatever the reason for a move, it will always be a little stressful - the decisions as to what to take and what to leave or throw out, then the packing, followed by the unpacking and deciding where things go in the new place. So much to do before relaxing, settling in and making all those little adjustments that make a place a home.

As a friend or family member you can help this settling in process with a housewarming gift that will gladden the hearts of those going through the trials of moving house. A thoughtful gift, chosen carefully to suit the occasion and the person/people can lighten the mental load because, well, everyone likes getting a present! And rather than go for the flowers/plant/bottle-of-wine standard gifts, nice though they are, we have a few suggestions to make your housewarming gift special, more tailored to the individual(s) in question.

The Downsizers

These movers have one of the hardest of jobs because downsizing means being ruthless and going through the process of simplifying and eliminating unnecessary belongings. So when choosing a gift in this situation, think small and practical as they will already have the essential household items and having had to de-clutter, they don't want to re-clutter.

Woman donating and cleaning up wardrobe clothes for decluttering


Students often have to travel to colleges and universities but whether they are in student housing or share-renting it will be basic accommodation and in need of things that bring a touch of warmth and homeliness to their surroundings

Setting up House

This could be a few people setting up a share house, a couple moving in together, arrivals from overseas who have come to live here - for whatever reason, these people are establishing a solid home base to live in. They quite probably need a lot of things and will love whatever you choose from our range of handmade Gifts for the Household. Take a look at our Kitchen section for practical gifts that will be truly appreciated and used.

Going Overseas to Work

Travelling overseas for work can involve a long stint or a short stay but either way a gift that is a reminder of home and family will be welcome. Gifts that are Australian themed or photo frames to keep loved ones close are a good pick for this mover.

Man packing luggage in a white shirt and jeans, holding a piece of clothing and about to place it in the open suitcase on top of the bed

Simply had to Move

Then there are the hundred other reasons that people move, some happy and some not and this is where a personal gift whose main job is to express love and bring cheer, is the perfect option. Our range of Ancient Australian Redgum provides a choice of unique, personal gifts with a great story behind them.

The term ‘housewarming gift’ says it all - help someone feel at home in their new place with a well chosen gift from Australian Woodwork, something to suit the circumstances and the person, bringing with it friendship, love and warmth.

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