Why made-in-Australia matters


Skilled Australian carpenter working in an old shed - highlighting the importance of products made in Australia

It is easy to shop anywhere in the world these days - log in, start browsing and you can be in the famous department stores of London and New York or on the individual site of a potter or jeweller in almost any country you choose. This digital age we live in is wonderful and even here at Australian Woodwork we benefit from the reach of the world wide web, but there are also several good reasons for buying made-in-Australia.

It benefits the Australian economy.

Australian flag economy rising

When you buy Australian made products the money stays in Australia and circulates through the local economy where it maintains jobs and businesses. The economy is made up of many segments; transport and delivery, packaging, raw material supplies, retail outlets to name just a few. A single purchase of Australian made services or goods causes a ripple effect through multiple segments, what economists call flow-on, benefiting and strengthening the economy as a whole. 

You are covered!

Under Australian consumer law, businesses must meet a set of basic rights called consumer guarantees when they sell products or services and nothing a business says or does can override these guarantees which are enshrined in law. Customers automatically receive these guarantees when they buy goods and services and it is unlawful for businesses to mislead them about these rights. 

The manufacturing industry includes small manufacturers producing limited quantities of items (that would be our woodworkers!) as well as companies involved in large scale production of manufactured goods, but they all have obligations under the Australian Consumer Law which include guarantees as to quality, fitness of purpose and accuracy of product descriptions. In addition to manufacturing standards, the manufacturing environment must comply with Australian health and safety, environmental and labour laws all of which means you can shop with a clear conscience! 

No supply chain issues.

A photo of an Australian Woodwork product being delivered to a customer

The global Covid pandemic has shown how easily supply chains can be disrupted and international trade tensions only add to the problem. Australian made products do not have to contend with the vast web of international trade and shipping which translates to cheaper delivery costs, faster delivery and increased customer confidence. 

Better customer service.

Many large companies and international online stores can only be contacted via email which can be frustrating and slow. You have a much better chance of prompt and helpful customer service with an Australian business and here at Australian Woodwork we provide a real time, telephone customer service. Yes! that's right, you can call us (or email if you prefer) and have a chat regarding your current order, stock arrivals, refunds or any other type of inquiry. 

Keeping traditional skills alive.

Trevor Short on his lathe making Orb mills.

The craftsmen who supply Australian Woodwork are highly skilled in traditional woodworking techniques such as woodturning, cabinetry, carving, marquetry and joinery. These traditional hands-on skills are being kept alive by the customers who buy our products, supporting the schools and woodworkers who pass on their expertise to a younger generation. And woodcraft is only one area where buying Australian Made is helping to preserve hands-on skills; think of jewellery making, ceramics, leatherwork and printmaking to name a few that it would be sad to lose to automated manufacturing.

Australian Made logo

The Australian Made logo is instantly recognisable and respected. As a country of origin symbol it means that products that carry the logo have been accredited as being authentically Australian, and that means all of the above, good reasons for buying Australian made apply!

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