Upgrade Your Living Space: 10 Australian Woodwork Pieces to Transform Your Home


10 Australian woodwork pieces to transform your living space

If you're looking to enhance your living space with an authentic Australian touch, we've got you covered. These 10 unique Australian Woodwork pieces bring warmth, style, and a sense of connection to our beautiful land into your home. Crafted from native timbers, these items are not only functional but also add a touch of artistry to your abode.

1. Boxed Pair of Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle Holders

A pair of unique candle holders made from banksia nuts

Imagine the warm glow of tea light candles nestled in these exquisite Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle Holders. Hand-turned from the seedpod of the Banksia Grandis tree, they showcase the incredible texture and patterns that only nature can create. These holders would make a stunning centrepiece on any dining table or a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

2. Aussie Animals Trivet

A charming trivet featuring an array of adorable Australian animals

Add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen with these adorable Aussie Animals Trivets, made from sustainable native timbers. Featuring beloved Australian animals, these trivets are practical and charming, perfect for any kitchen. The two sizes available make them a fantastic gift for friends and family or a delightful addition to your own home.

3. Ancient Australian Redgum Bird

A beautifully crafted wooden bird sculpture made from rare and ancient Australian redgum wood

Bring history and charm to your living space with these Ancient Redgum Birds. Crafted from 5,000-year-old fossilised Redgum wood, these life-sized wrens make a statement as decorative pieces. Beautifully packaged with a certificate of authenticity and a fascinating story of their origin, they add an air of intrigue to any room.

4. Banksia Scent Pot and Fragrant Oil

A delightful fragrance diffuser set featuring a handmade Banksia scent pot and fragrant oil.

For those who love a refreshing aroma, these unique Banksia Scent Pots are a must-have. The natural seed compartments of the Banksia Grandis seed pod act as a natural diffuser for essential oils, filling any room with invigorating scents. Thoughtful and beautiful, these scent pots make excellent gifts or souvenirs.

5. Red Cedar Fire Bellows

A beautifully handcrafted fire bellows made from fragrant and durable Red Cedar wood

Elevate your fireplace with these luxurious Red Cedar Fire Bellows. Combining beautiful materials and expert craftsmanship, these bellows are both effective and visually stunning. A perfect housewarming present for those who appreciate the finer things in life, these bellows bring old-world charm to any living space.

6. Ancient Australian Redgum Willy Wagtail

A stunning wooden sculpture of a Willy Wagtail

Celebrate Australia's native birds with these stylised Willy Wagtail sculptures. Combining new and ancient Redgum wood, these contemporary carvings capture the spirit of these feisty little birds. Accompanied by the Ancient Redgum story and a certificate of authenticity, they make a unique and memorable gift or addition to your own home.

7. Mini Australian Outback Landscape

A beautiful miniature landscape sculpture featuring the unique and rugged beauty of the Australian outback

Create a slice of the Australian Outback with this delightful Mini Australian Outback Landscape. The laser-cut timber pieces allow for the arrangement of a custom scene, making it a fun and engaging addition to any home. It's a perfect memento for visitors or a gift for loved ones abroad, evoking memories of the rugged Australian landscape.

8. Australian Wildlife Tree

A stunning handcrafted wooden tree sculpture featuring an array of charming Australian wildlife

Add a playful touch to any home with this charming Australian Wildlife Tree. Featuring iconic Australian animals and flora, this decorative piece can even double as an Australian Christmas tree. Beautifully boxed, it's a quintessential Australian gift for all ages, sure to bring joy to any recipient.

9. Hinged Photo Frames

A set of stylish hinged photo frames

Display cherished memories in style with these elegant wooden photo frames. Handcrafted with exquisite all-wooden hinges, these frames are available in Red Cedar. The lightweight and foldable design makes them perfect for travel and a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Showcase your favourite photos with a touch of Australian craftsmanship, adding warmth and charm to your home.

10. White Wagtail Marquetry Artwork

Marquetry artwork of a White Wagtail bird perched on a branch

Adorn your walls with this stunning marquetry artwork of a White-tailed Wagtail. Created by artist Max Clerteau using traditional techniques, each piece showcases the intricate detail and craftsmanship of marquetry. Using a variety of Australian timbers, this artwork captures the essence of the bird, making it a striking addition to any home or a unique gift for a bird enthusiast.

In conclusion, these 10 Australian Woodwork pieces offer an exceptional way to upgrade your living space, infusing it with the beauty and warmth of our native timbers. Handcrafted and unique, these items not only serve practical purposes but also act as conversation starters, connecting you to the rich history and artistry of Australia. Whether you're looking for a gift for someone special or a way to enhance your own home, these pieces are sure to delight and inspire. So why not invest in a piece of Australian craftsmanship and transform your home into a haven of warmth, style, and authenticity?

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