Cool Desk Accessories

Cool Desk Accessories

A lot of us spend a lot of time working at a desk and, let’s face it, the average desk in the predictable beige and black of most office environments could easily do with some personalising. You can infuse your work space with some natural warmth from our range of really unique and cool desk accessories in beautiful native timbers or find some excellent gift ideas amongst them for friends, family or colleagues.

Photo Frames

Photo of Handmade Wooden Photo Frames

Frames of favourite photos always perk up a desk and keep you company while you work – it’s somehow comforting to have those loved ones there at the corner of your eye.

Letter Openers

Photo of Wooden Letter Openers

Remember the paperless office that was going to arrive? Well it hasn't quite and paper knives are still a very handy thing – ours range from the ultra simple to the opulent letter openers.


Photo of Ballpoint Pens 1Photo of Ballpoint Pens 2

Everyone loves a good pen which is why they go missing all the time. A unique timber pen can really dress up your desk and be a pleasure to use; sure to impress and a great gift.

Desk Clocks and Wall Cocks

Photo of Desk Clocks

Do you have a deadline? Hanging out for Lunch? A quick glance at a clock face will tell you instantly what you need to know timewise without having to do mental calculations from digital numbers.  A desk or wall clock in wood will bring traditional usefulness and warmth to your office space.

Other Desk Paraphernalia

Photo of Mixed Timbers Wooden RulerPhoto of Dovetail Desk Top BoxPhoto of Timber USB Flash Drive

Photo of 40 Year CalendarPhoto of Mixed Timber Wooden Spinning TopPhoto of Flip-Top Business Card Holder

There are many other items in our online range of desk accessories that are cute, like the old fashioned wooden ruler and spinning top; cool, like the timber USB stick and the 40 year calendar; elegant , like the flip-top card holder or simply luxurious like the Dovetail desk-top box.

Gift Bundles

Photo of Fine Woodwork Desk Set Photo of Jarrah Desk Combination

Our two desk gift-bundles are excellent value for either treating yourself or when in present buying mode. Anything from the Ancient Redgum range will be well received and the possible start of a collection which can be added to on subsequent occasions – a great way to sort out future gift buying.

Photo of Handmade Wooden Desk Accessories Online

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