Practical Considerations When Choosing a Gift to Take Overseas


If you’re tackling the unenviable job of finding a gift to take overseas, the first hurdle is to think carefully about what restrictions you have on the type of gift you can reasonably buy. Obviously, your first and foremost considerations are likely to be finding something the recipient will love, within your budget. But when it comes to taking it overseas, that’s just the beginning!

How are you going to get it there?

This is the first thing you need to ask yourself, and it will guide your answers to all the following questions. Will the gift go in your checked luggage, or your hand luggage? Or do you have the option of actually having it sent directly overseas? Do you have any friends or family that you could deliver it to? Or could you address it to someone at the company where the recipient of your gift works? No invoice or pricing information will be included in the package, so you could even consider sending it directly to them either in advance, or to coincide with your visit.

Will it fit in your luggage?

If you choose to take the gift with you, you’ll need to think carefully about how much room you’ve got in your luggage – both in terms of physical space, and also weight. Check your luggage allowance and decide what bags you’ll be taking on the trip, and work out some limits on the size and weight of your gift to use as guidelines when shopping. If you’re looking for something small and light, take a look at our gorgeous ornamental Ancient Redgum Bird, weighing in at a mere 50 grams. Our Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle Holders, No Worry Keyrings, and Mixed Timber Frames are also great choices when you’re short on space. But if your heart is set on something bigger, reconsider whether you can have it sent directly to your overseas destination.

Banksia Nut Tea Lite Candle HolderNo Worry KeyringsStandard Mixed Timber Photo Frames

Is it fragile?

Dinkum Resting KookaburraDinkum Laughing KookaburraDinkum Magpies

Even the most beautiful gift in the world is not much good unless it reaches its recipient intact! In this regard, you still won’t go past our decorative Dinkum birds (see above), which are effectively unbreakable! But if you are transporting something fragile, again it might be worth considering having it sent directly to your overseas destination, with plenty of bubble wrap and cardboard to protect it!


Many natural products can be subject to certain customs regulations on arrival. If you are considering taking a gift containing food or plant material, this is something you should look into for the specific country to which you are travelling. In Australia, restrictions can be quite stringent. However, the USA, Japan, Asia, and Europe all have minimal to no restrictions on wooden products. Indeed, we have never had a problem with sending our products to any of these destinations.

The only country (other than Australia) where wooden products generally need to be declared is New Zealand. ‘Finished’ wooden products don’t usually raise any concerns. However, our Banksia products and our Ironbark Coasters may be problematic because of their potential to carry pests, as they contain seed holes and bark respectively. But in reality, we have shipped many of our products to NZ without a problem.

How do you want your gift to be presented?

Is it important to you that your gift be wrapped? Will you have the time (and skill!) to do it yourself, or would you prefer it be done for you? At Australian Woodwork, all our products can be beautifully gift wrapped for only a small extra charge. And if you want to include a few words as well, please ask us about including a free gift card with your personal message, carefully handwritten by our staff. If you intend to take the gift overseas yourself, make sure you work out how you will pack it into your luggage to avoid crushing it.

You’re ready to buy!

Once you have considered all the above questions, you’re ready for the hardest step of all – actually finding the right gift! Take a look at our ‘Best Australian Gifts to Take Overseas’ to get some ideas.

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