No Worry Keyrings

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The No Worry Keyrings are an original design that plays on the idea of traditional worry beads but with an Australian flavour. Made from many different Australian timbers, seeds and pods, with contrasting coloured resin beads, the No Worry Keyrings are very beautiful and extremely tactile - your fingers love them and will find them in a bag instantly. Strung on durable kangaroo hide they are available in either cool tones; blues, greens and purples or warm tones; reds and earth tones.

These keyrings, rustic, beautiful and full of character, make an interesting and unique gift - No Worries!



Height 1cm x Width 6cm x Length 15cm

*Note: These No Worry Wooden Keyrings are handcrafted, and as every piece of wood is unique no two wooden keyrings are exactly the same; the above dimensions and weight are approximate measurements only. For more information please see our Australian handmade quality guarantee.

No Worry Keyrings has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 10 reviews.