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(Last Updated: Dec 01, 2023) “Something old, something new, something goat and something blue” is a handy rhyme to remember when preparing a cheese board for presentation. The ‘old’ refers to perhaps a lovely aged Cheddar or Parmigiana; the ’new’ to perhaps a brie or feta or ricotta; the ‘goat’ is self-explanatory and the ‘blue’ is the Roquefort or Stilton or other blue cheese to create a good range of flavours and textures on your board. Of course, there are no strict rules and you may well hate blue cheese in which case leave it out, but a variety of tastes and styles is the aim. To accompany the selection of cheeses you might choose a combination of biscuits and toasts – salty crackers with seeds and herbs, artisan breads and sweet nut-studded quick breads. Lastly, for colour and flavour add your quince pastes, dried fruit, or, perhaps the best accompaniment of all, fresh grapes, apples or pears.

So there you have it, all the ingredients for a fabulous cheese board except the board which is where we can assist with a board that will suit all occasions from the picnic to the backyard barbeque to the dinner party where you want to finish with a flourish by way of a wow factor cheese board.

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For picnics and barbeques you cannot go past the Yamba or Mullumbimby boards – generous in size and sturdy, you can fit lots on them to feed the hungry masses and they seem to hit the right note of rustic and casual.

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For the elegant, dinner-party cheeseboard, either the Scandinavian-inspired Huon Pine and stainless steel round cheese board or the Tubb cheeseboard made from selected and complementary Australian timbers will provide the perfect base for your assembly of cheeses and accompaniments. The She Oak tear-drop cheese board is an interesting departure in shape and combines well with the She Oak cheese knife and She Oak pate knife.

As mentioned before, there are no strict rules to obey and letting your imagination run is the way to go. Perhaps a theme cheeseboard around a particular area – a part of France you visited and loved; A trip to the Hunter Valley with its several speciality cheeses and the wines to go with them; a Spring cheeseboard scattered with spring blossoms and lots of fresh cheeses and fruits. A cheeseboard is something that can bring out all of your creative talents for display, colour, design and ideas. Enjoy!

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