What to do with a loved-one’s ashes?


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A personal choice

What people decide to do with the ashes of a loved one is a very personal thing and thankfully, often clear instructions have been left, but if not, you might choose to scatter them, bury them under a tree or in a favourite spot, keep them at a crematorium where family can visit and pay respects or divide them up among the family to either keep or do any of the above with.

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Grieving should not be rushed

Perhaps though, you haven’t decided what you want to do with the ashes and meanwhile you want them near you while you think about it and get used to the idea of that person no longer being part of your everyday life.  Often people want the ashes in a spot they walk past many times a day with the comforting sight of an ashes container helping them feel that a loved one hasn’t just disappeared like that!

Cremation Ashes Box Tiger Myrtle

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You may want to keep talking to them

This is well known behaviour especially among long time partners who want to continue to talk to the person with whom they have shared their innermost thoughts and feelings over a lifetime, two famous examples being Jack Halford in ‘New Tricks’ who talked to his dead wife Mary, with musings about his current case and Maggie Beare in ‘Mother and Son’ who talked to the rose bush under which her dead husband Leo’s ashes were buried.

Cremation Ashes Box Tiger Myrtle

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Waiting to be Together

Often the ashes of a loved one are kept in the family until they can be mingled and put together with those of a life partner and it’s important that they are kept safe and secure until that time. So, whether you are undecided what to do, or just want to keep your loved one close or are maybe waiting for a future ceremony, our hand-crafted wooden ashes box will fulfil your needs.

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Designed for safety and elegance in beautiful native timbers

The Australian Woodwork cremation ashes box has been thoughtfully designed with both secure storage and beauty of form in mind. The safety of your loved one’s ashes is ensured by the screw on, screw off base – this means no lids, accidents or resulting spills. The graceful, simple form of the box with its curved base panels lets the warm, natural glow of wood  be the main feature. In warm wood rather than cold metal, elegant rather than flashy, this box makes a lovely home for those very important contents.

Cremation Ashes Box Sassafras

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Cremation Ashes Box Sassafras

Cremation Ashes Box Sassafras

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